Monday, March 19, 2012

Lighted Lego Man

Eloise gave me this little Lego Man Light for Christmas. When I push the belt-like square just below the waist, the bottom of his trousers light up with 2 great LCD lights. Also, on the keyring you will find my trusty soccer whistle is case someone starts following me in a parking lot, there is a can opener, and dead bolt key to the house, a med container where I keep my back medication, and my car keys. They are all on this little key ring. I HEART my keyring and its Lego Man. He is one of my special treasures.

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  1. how sweet! he watches over you and lights your way. :)

  2. Love the lego man. he is awesome!

  3. Beautiful gift.

    Regards and best wishes

  4. GO LEGO MAN - luv it - Very thoughtful gift :)

  5. Oh he is CUTE! I do have a thing for Legos. I remember playing with them with my sister as a kid. My husband and I have no kids, but we do have nieces and none of them have any legos. We're actually contemplating getting some for our house for when they come over (and for us ;) )
    your picture is great. Thanks for the flashback to my childhood!

  6. What a cool macro shot! Like it much!