Monday, February 27, 2012

A Piece of Me ~ {in the picture} ~ 52 in 52 ~ #9

 Almost But Not Quite

No, I am not dressed for Christmas but rather for the beautiful snow last weekend. It was way deeper than we had expected...over a foot. Trying to take a “selfie” was not so easy, but it is never easy for me. You are actually looking at the front of me. I aimed the camera at my right foot, but as you can see got the rear one. As it turned out, I am sort of glad it worked out that way because now you can see just how close I came to having snow in my galoshes and even colder feet that I already had. Hopefully my computer will be up and running properly the meantime I am posting this from work.

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  1. So you got all the snow......we d xoidn't get but a few flakes.

  2. Hey Ya Genie:
    WOW - You've outdone our usual Canadian Winter. We have had a breeze of a winter this year. Slipped right by us, with beautiful sunny days and a few really cold ones and I am sure you would have perished, except I would have given you a hot, hot Timmies n treats to warm you up. Nice photo and you lucky gal with all that snow that I usually treasure. H--m-m-m-m-m I'm thinkin' bout your warm area - I think I could handle that very well.
    Yeah, I went through the same thing with my photos when transferring and then found out I could transfer complete folders, which didn't tamper with my names because all photos stayed in the folders under original names, if that makes any sense to you.
    Thanks for the note, great to hear from you
    Smiles n Chuckles.....
    Have a great day :)

  3. Looking at this photo, makes my feet cold! I'm glad you like it though!

  4. wow, that's a lot of snow! thanks for linking up at {in the picture} this month!