Saturday, January 14, 2012

A Maryland Barn

Another fly by barn shot on our Christmas trip to Maryland...but this time it was a white one...goodie,goodie! It did not appear to be in use, but it is far from falling down. Since my DIL  was driving our car, I got to shoot to my heart’s content. Gene, my son, was driving Bud in the other car Bud did not have to listen to my constantly yelling our “barn alert...slow down!” Little Eloise was riding with us and play endlessly with my iPad.

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  1. For a drive by, you got an excellent shot of a classy barn.

  2. I love your photo too.
    Marit , Norway.

  3. A metal roof had to be the best investment a farmer could make -- saves the old barns, ya know!

    Great shot, Genie. I love white barns. :)

  4. Genie I love to see barns too .. better yet I would love to take pictures of them as well !
    My Dutch clogs are of terracotta .. you can use them to plant flowers in .. but I don't want to dirty them or take a chance they will crack and break .. so they rest exactly there all of the time ! LOL

  5. Love Maryland and used to live there. What area did you visit? Great barn shot!

    Diane in Roanoke.

  6. Love seeing pictures of barns. Email me and let me know how you are.

  7. I'm marveling at the roof on this barn - and how difficult it must have been to put that thing on. they really do preserve a barn in the best possible way. my mom just had one put on our barn. hope you're feeling better Genie. take good care now.

  8. It seems to be a very pleasant place to visit. The picture is very well captured and I like that perspective.

    Have a great week and be very happy.

    Roberto, Rio de Janeiro

  9. quite lovely place to go walking!

    appreciate your visit in Cologne, Germany

  10. No barms in Boreno, the Boveel will eat up the grains.

  11. Genie that is an awesome big old white barn. That little stone building at the end tugs at my heart!

  12. That's a great shot, esp for a drive by... I like the blur in the foreground! Beautiful barn!

    Thanks for joining this week's Barn Charm =)

  13. What a great shot of the barn while riding in the car. I can never get shots like that from the car.
    Thanks for visiting my barn pictures and your nice comments.