Tuesday, January 24, 2012

{In the Picture} ~ 52 IN 52 ~ Week 4

 Who is that mad woman behind the mask?

Why, it’s Genie on another “Forced March” through the icy woods. I am really NOT a grump. I laugh and have fun all the time. It is just HARD taking a picture of yourself with an iPhone in freezing weather.

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  1. It looks very cold in your place. Try to relaxe next time using the I-phone, I think you really can smile...

  2. You've got lovely eyes! It seems you don't like walking in the cold! and neither do I! And it seems you don't like being shot at! and neither do I! Hi hi hi!
    Thanks for sharing, Genie;o)

    Have a nice and happy week****

  3. You made me laugh! i have no doubt you're a good person!

  4. It's hard taking a photo of anything when it's freezing cold out there! Funny pic of you, :-))

  5. Be careful as you walk, Genie! And stay warm! :)

  6. Oh Genie, you are a real card girlie(Cdn Compliment)
    You dress like us when we go walk in winter and for all the sunshine in California, there's nothing like a brisk walk in our winter lands, eh.
    Cheers n have a great day

  7. A nice portrait, good walk, laugh and have fun.

  8. at least you are nice and warm with all your clothes and bavaclava.