Sunday, December 18, 2011

All Alone

I discovered this old barn and shed on a dirt road not far form the house. Neither of these structures appear to be in use...just sitting there in the elements waiting for someone to come and bring them back to life. There are a good many boards missing from the barn.  I almost got into trouble when I turned off the main road, parked my car, got out in the sprinkles and started taking pictures. Before I knew it there was a woman prancing out with her arms folded across her chest and a scowl on her face wanting to know what I was doing there. I explained I lived just down the road, was experimenting with my camera, and it was my bald headed husband that ran up and down the highway each day and then rode his yellow bicycle up and down the highway. At that point she calmed down, started chatting, and dragged me over to meet her “fiancé” ...a white haired, much older, shirtless man who was down in the creek washing his hair...we still have outhouses out our way. By now I knew it was time for me to get out of there...I did not which was worse - her being fussy or her being way toooooo friendly.

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  1. LOL! we can certainly get ourselves into trouble trying to get 'the shot'! :)

  2. Looks dramatic!

    Sometimes, there's only slight difference between being fussy and too friendly :)

  3. You have some interesting neighbors, and I think I might be saying that mildly. Next time, get a picture of the old guy washing his hair. (;^)

  4. I see so many farmer's barns and sheds that are so run down. They make for interesting photos just like your's. One time I was photographing from the shoulder of the road a old historic barn when a woman came racing up the driveway in a pick-up truck. She was ranting an raving at me for taking photos. Since I already had the photos I left rather than argue with her. You can see what she was so excited about here.

  5. I love your story as much as I love your photos. Sometimes is difficult to cope with someone being toooooo friendly, isn't it?
    Have a great new week!

  6. Your treatment of the photos of the run-down barns is a perfect match for your story, Genie.

  7. Oh, that reminds me of what happened to can read about it here:

  8. I especially like the top photo of that charming barn - nice effect on the photo!
    Fellow barn charm participant regards from EAGAN daily photo

  9. I'm smiling at your adventure. I'm always so afraid someone will question my intentions.
    I laughed at the guy washing his hair. My stepdad will see many folks in his rural area much like this couple also perhaps without running water. He always says to my Mom - I just wish they would was their hair. :)
    Love the treatment you used on this Genie.
    Have a Merry Christmas!!

  10. You certainly EARNED these shots! =0
    I'm glad you didn't get in 'more' trouble, that could have turned into something very very uncomfortable! =0

    Beee careful =)

    I'm very late this week visiting Barn Charmers, so sorry!

    Thanks so much for joining =)

  11. How beautiful this is!
    Sending you wishes for a wonderful Holiday!

  12. Genie I really love these barn shots. Be glad that this lady came out without her shotgun. Now that would be a rather scary adventure. Really like the tones that you have processed these with. Makes them look so "antiquie" ( Don't think that is a word, but tried it anyway). The processing is great! I like how you have framed these also. Very nice. Bet there are lots of interesting barns up your way! Have a wonderful Christmas! Glad it is coming soon as i am ready for a bit of down time.... cheers! Jeanne.... Oh, and meant to tell you that I also took one of kim's classes. Learned so much there.

  13. hehehe...quite an episode but pretty shots uve managed to get!

    happy holidays,
    My Third Eye