Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Williamsville, VA ~ Bath County

Williamsville is a sleepy little village about 50 miles west of Lexington, and a former favorite fishing hole for Buddy and his friends. There is a volunteer fire department, a little community center, a church, and a cemetery. The post office is closed and Slim’s Grocery, where Bud would buy his snacks and drinks, is no longer in existence, but the little village is still there. We go there every year for the Bath County Maple Syrup Festival. We eat at the community center and then go for a hike along the Bull Pasture River. The festival runs for two weekends.


Estimated Current Population:301
White Population:314
Black Population:0
Hispanic Population:7
Asian Population:0
Hawaiian Population:0
Indian Population:0
Other Population:6
Male Population:170
Female Population:150
Avg House Value:$98,800.00
Avg Household Income:$26,833.00
Avg Persons Per Household:2.30
Median Age:45.00
Median Age (Male):43.50
Median Age (Female):46.50

Post Office Closed

Post Office Was in This Building
Window at Slim’s

Another Window Sign at Slim’s

Slim’s Store

Old Coke Sign on Slim’s

Pick-Up Baskball at Slim’s

 Main Street

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  1. Lovely post Genie!
    Slims is exactly the kind of place my Grandpa would stop on his fishing forays. I remember one in particular where he bought us pop and cakes.
    This looks like a sleepy little place but I love the vintage look and your black and white presentation of it is perfect for the vintage signs and weathered wood.

  2. Love those photos!!!
    I want to go to slim's!

  3. I always feel sad when I see a community has lost its post office. The community becomes so lost then.

  4. I'm glad the little village is still even with all those closures. It looks very quaint.

  5. I guess I am more curious about the population figures than your nice pictures. The numbers don't add up. 7 people are unaccounted for. Or is it 26 people?

  6. Love this series in black & white... really great lil town! I love the old wood building where the Coke sign is! =)

  7. this is a lovely post. it makes me want to seek out a small town and visit it. thanks for sharing.

  8. What a quaint yet slightly sad little place. You've captured the details well and black and white really works here.

  9. So much atmosphere in this wonderful little place! Love the photos being in monochrome highlighting the sense of other days!

  10. I love these gorgeous shots!! All of your photos are beautiful. I just adore the old Coke sign, I grew up with Coke and a grandpa that worked on a route delivering it!! wonderful post

  11. Beautiful series of photos of this wonderful place. Definitely a place to spend a relaxing holiday.

  12. What an enjoyable post and superior in black and white! I kept waiting to see the Whistle Stop Cafe. ;-)

    Thanks for your visits and comments on my Signs, Signs and Friday Fences posts.

  13. This is how I love to imagine America - sweet little wooden houses, verandahs with chairs on them, just asking you to sit down and watch the world pass by. If I ever have a house of my own, I hope it will have a verandah!

  14. Thank you for posting this. Very interesting reading.

  15. That reminds me of small towns near where I live in NC and how they looked when I was growing up. Nostalgic shots for me.

  16. Great series of shots, reminds me of some of the little townships on Skyline Boulevard in the hills south of San Francisco.

  17. Love the pictures, hope you have a nice weekend in this old town...;D

  18. very much enjoyed the tour; nice shots (black and white weekend) - thanks, kareninkenai

  19. A great photo essay. What a lovely series of shots.

  20. Nice collection of old signs and buildings!