Saturday, November 19, 2011

Bud Runs the Star City Half Marathon ~ 11-19-11

A Combination of Bridges and Shadows
Faster Runners Crossing Bridge at about 4 Mile Mark
If you look, there are 2 bridges...the first one with the blue rails, and then the larger one in the background going over the railroad tracks.

Buddy after crossing the side was closed to traffic..

Here he is  running in front of the Ramada Inn where we were staying ~ at about Mile 4. It was a really cold morning. His time was a bit more than last week’s ~ 3 hours 18 minutes.In Richmond he ran it in 3 hours 13 minutes. It was really fun to see him take off and then run by me later.

These are the spectators crossing back over the bridge at the Ramada Inn. The start of the race was behind these folk, back across the bridge, and down to the right a bit.

I took this shot after leaving the start of the race...couldn’t resist the shadows. The blue railing bridge is right up ahead and round to the left.

Once again Helen, the girl who works with Buddy at the Outfitters, ran the race. She is a hard core runner so started out with him, and then she was long gone! She is a marathon runner.

Down the middle of the ground between the check-in desk area and the bedroom wing at the Ramada Inn. there was what I would call a mini-moat- it was probably a run-off drainage ditch. As you can see, one side was totally covered with leaves from the trees. The photo was taken around noon this morning - after the half marathon -  when the sun was shining brightly.

This is the section down by the footbridge connecting the check-in area to the bedroom wing. This shot was taken early before the sun was out and before the race began.

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  1. just a crazy tough guy, that Bud! :) congrats to him!

  2. I cannot believe how warm the runners are dressed. It must have been so cold, yet the sun is out. Unbelievable. I would have utterly miserable. Wow, his time is about what it takes me to do a hike these days at half that distance. Good going Buddy!

  3. Love Bud's zest for life! And his smile is radiant! A great view of the twin bridges in the first photo!

  4. It's such a fascinating post! I love the scenery and the little bridge is so cute, but the winner is Buddy - great respect to him!
    Have a great Sunday:)

  5. Nice to see that Buddy is keeping fit.

  6. Nice to see you, Buddy! And good job on the running.
    I like that 'moat', too!

  7. congrats to Bud, and to you too because you helped him while he trained. I was 50 when I ran the quarter marathon. I was a stay home mum. Trained every day for 4 months. But after training, I was useless for anything else.

    Great job again, Bud.
    Next year, Genie, you too.

  8. Preciosas fotos, todo un luchador con gran voluntad. Me encanta la foto del arroyo con ese precioso manto de hojas.

  9. This post was just so cool! It was like we were all in the marathon [1/2] with him. At least on the sidelines cheering him on. Congrats on his getting through it. I can barely run to the car myself...but, I'm sure that is 100% my fault. [and chocolate's]

  10. Beautiful photos, a real fighter. I love that beautiful picture of the stream with a delicious blanket of leaves.

  11. Hmmm... almost looks like you saw more of bridges than Bud, Genie! LOL! Kidding aside, how awesome his finishing these runs. He must be in amazing shape. I can just last one hour of singles on the tennis court.

  12. I cheer for Buddy! Yey go for it!

  13. Your photo of the fallen leaves sings to my heart, Genie!


    I have a little shadow that always follows me;
    My shadow is my best friend, as anyone can see.

    No matter where my feet go, my shadow’s always there—
    Except, of course, at midnight with darkness everywhere!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Sunflower Shadows and Leaf Shadows

  14. I am tired walking with all these people doing the best thing for themselves. Plenty of shadows around.

  15. wow, I admire anyone having the discipline and temerity to run any distance at all. Congratulations Buddy! it looks like it was beautiful weather for running too. great shots Genie. thanks for sharing, and happy Sunday to you.

  16. Buddy is an inspiration Genie!

    Sun Catcher Shadows , happy Thanksgiving!

  17. How terrific! Congratulations to Bud! And do keep it up! Wonderful! And so are your captures for the day! Fantastic! Hope you both have a wonderful week!


  18. I enjoyed all the photos! Congrats to Buddy!

  19. My first time to see Bud up close. He got a very blue eyes like a precious gem. Beautiful eyes! I can only do the walking hehe, good thing they can run like that. Thanks for sharing the photo Genie.

    Sunday Bridges

  20. The long autumn shadows are lovely, the runners moving in and out of them, keeping the pace they set for themselves. Bud looks happy, the heavy prep work with the training that will help them keep pace. The athletes look so composed in this shadowy place...

  21. «Louis» is very happy to see these images. Congratulations to Buddy!

    «Louis» works all weekend, so it is difficult for him to visit those who have contributed to Sunday Bridges on Sunday. So here it is mid-week and he's FINALLY getting around to visiting and thanking all who contributed to the meme.