Monday, November 7, 2011

Breezemont Bell

This is the old ship’s bell that hung out by our kitchen when we lived in Asheville, NC. It was used for calling the children in from the neighborhood for dinner. When we moved to Virginia, we brought it with us and put it out front in an old tree. This time the tree grew around it so it’s there to stay. Each day when I see it,  wonderful old memories are triggered of happy times past when the children were young free to run and play.  

It certainly is a different world they live in today, and I am frightened to think of what is ahead for them and my grandchildren. If it is this hard now for our families in 2011, heaven only knows what it is going to be in the future if the government - both state and national -  does not START thinking about ALL citizens, stop arguing, STOP thinking only of themselves and being reelected, and START doing something to help ALL of us. As a mother and grandmother, I am scared to death. I know what is ahead for me...that final act...dying...and I am ready for that one. No one knows what is ahead for them, but in my mind it does not  look good. I am not ready for that. It is just too heartbreaking.

"A memory is what is left when something happens and does not completely unhappen.”
  ~Edward de Bono

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  1. What a novel idea it is to ring the bell for dinner! Is should be a
    beautiful memory!

  2. Wonderful post! And great shot!
    I wonder if the tree will finally swallow the bell completely!
    Thanks for sharing, Genie:o)

    Have a nice and happy week * Hugs***

  3. Your thoughts rang home with me (no pun intended). I think of this most every time when I see young children feeling sad for them in the world they are growing up in, not even able to imagine what kind of world they will have to try to survive in 50 years from now. Take for example the little girl with her grandfather in the post I did today, and the little girl from last week's post about the rally. I felt sorry for each. Some people are trying to make a change for the better for the children of today, but I hold little hope. Sorry.

  4. love that bell!!! wonderful!

    and a big sigh to your last paragraph...

  5. Love the bell too! Awesome photo and wonderful post ~thanks, namaste, Carol (A Creative Harbor) linked with MYM

  6. A lovely photo of a piece of family history.

  7. Wonderful post. I love the bell embedded in the tree, steadfast and true. Overwhelmed by time.

    I too worry about the society we are leaving our children and grandchildren. I fear for them in so many ways.

  8. The tree grew around it?! That's fantastic! Lovely shot.

  9. I love the story and the tradition of the bell...Much better a bell than yelling...

    I wanted to let you know that you probably aren't allergic to goldenrod, but ragweed. Goldenrod doesn't have a pollen that becomes airborne as ragweed does and I just learned that this summer as I thought as you did....Michelle

  10. Hello Gina,
    I do love the vintage look of your beautiful capture! And the memories this bell holds... how special!
    I think any parent can relate to your concerns. The future looks like a harder road for our children than we've been on. Hope we're wrong about that...
    Wishing a week filled with creativity and happiness,

  11. I love your wonderful bell how lovely that you have kept it.
    It's hard not to worry about the future best to take each day as it comes.
    Take care!!!
    Thanks for popping over and leaving your lovely comment on my baby's breath picture - I really appreciate it!!

  12. I missed the ringing of the bells. Growing up I heard the ringing of the bells from the church, from the horse carriage, from school too. Thanks for sharing and the visit too.


  13. Very cool. I love the old bell and the story. Great post.

  14. The bell is really beautiful. The post is made me think about my past and try to imagine what lies ahead of me.

  15. Gorgeous!!

    Late visiting from Mellow Yellow, come and see my yummy entry when you get a chance, thanks!

  16. Beautiful ship's bell, and thanks for the comment about water lily!

  17. Gorgeous tones, light, and texture in this image.

    And I love that quote.

  18. Beautiful Shot...and we certainly never know what the future will hold.