Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Shadowy Weekend in Black and White ~ 9-4-11

Eloise and Her Little Sand Crab ~ Sandbridge, VA

"If you must speak ill of another, do not speak it, 
write it in the sand near the water's edge.” 
~Napoleon Hill

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"Shadow Shot Sunday."


  1. Oh, what a delightful shadow shot for the week! Love to see the young ones at play and I always love the beach! Hope you have a lovely holiday weekend!


  2. Excellent and very nice black and white photography.


  3. What a lovely photo and a gorgeous little girl

  4. Sweet shadow shot and a sweet memory painted in black and white.

  5. If I were asked to count all the shadows in this photo, I would say, "Impossible task!" You dazzle me with shadows, Genie!


    I love my shadow,
    My shadow loves me;
    We chat together
    And don’t disagree!

    My shadow and I
    Prefer not to shout
    As we go walking
    And rambling about.

    My shadow’s so wise,
    I ask what she thinks;
    She’s happy to share,
    And then nods and winks.

    My shadow and I
    Are best buds, you see;
    That’s why we try hard
    To always agree!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Subtle Corn Shadows

  6. a photo that brings back a flood of memories of spending my childhood at the Jersey Shore!
    Thanks so much for sharing this one. LOVE.IT.

  7. What a great capture! I love when a photo tells a story and this one is a wonderful story of discovery. Sweet composition.

    BTW: Thanks for the superb compliment on framing my leaf photo. You made my day. are certainly free to copy and print out that photo for yourself! My gift to you. :-)
    David/ Houston B&W

  8. So lovely. The shadows are making it :)

  9. Great photograph Genie. You caught Eloise in her world nicely and the B&W rendering is outstanding.

  10. What a great shot. Very touching.

  11. oh, sweet Eloise! she's going to treasure this photo in the years to come. for a long time. the light, the sand, the bare feet and those curls - it's a gem. I hope you're having a fun and relaxing holiday weekend Genie.

  12. You have captured a magical, sensitive moment! Beautiful highlight of the child in monochrome!

  13. Nicely captured, a real treasure.

    I though of you and Bud yesterday. I took a back road through Port Clinton, PA and was pleasantly surprised when I saw a sign for the Appalachian Trail.

  14. She is busy in her own world. Nice one.

  15. A delightful capture of a girl engrossed in her own world. The monochrome puts the attention right on her own attentions.

    Take care of your knee and keep in good spirits, Genie. Hopefully any small run of bad luck has now run its course.

  16. Very good. Nice photo with a wonderful B & W.

  17. Hi Genie, thanks for your passionate comments on my blog, Clarence Valley Today.
    I want to support the comments you made about remembering WW1.
    I take a school group of 17/18 yr olds every two years to the Western Front on a pilgrimage. We visit many cemeteries including German ones.
    We always visit Meuse-Argonne, the American cemetery outside Verdun.
    It is the largest American War Cemetery on foreign soil, over 10,000 burials, but has never been visited by a President, they prefer to visit WW2 cemeteries in Normandy.
    Maybe this will change with the coming centenery.
    America played a vital role in the ending of WW1 and many lives were lost. It should not be forgotten.

  18. Oh! This is so cute!
    Thanks for sharing your marvellous capture, Genie;o)

    Have a nice and happy week****

  19. I adore the innocence you have captured in this photo...beautiful!

  20. She's concentrating so hard, lost in her own world. Beautiful!

  21. What an adorable post! The patterns in the sand are spectacular in black and white and the little girl (your granddaughter?) is precious, so intent on the sandcrab. Makes me happy just to look.