Saturday, August 20, 2011

Weekend Reflections from the Long Trail, VT ~ 8-20-11

For those of you who have been following Bud’s hike of the Long Trail through Vermont’s Green Mountains to the Canadian border, well, it is drawing to an end. I’ll keep you updated as his photos come in. Thanks for following him and thank goodness for the quality of the iPhone pictures. They have made me feel like I am hiking right along with him.

Belvedere Lake near the Long Trail

Belvedere Lake at Eden Crossing

I just had to include this is so typical Buddy.
In Bud’s own words... "Moss is a 2010 Appalachian Trail thru hiker and Gremlins like to take her car keys! I helped her search for an hour to no avail.  FINALLY,  the Gremlins returned the keys, and she is happily on her way back to work as a White Mountain N H. Campsite Caretaker."

"There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed." ~Mohandas K. Gandhi

This post from Buddy’s hike of the Long Trail is linked with Weekend Reflections.


  1. too cute!

    love the mountain lake photos!

  2. Bud is a funny one : I love the comment ! And nice set of reflection picture too...

  3. wow, Belvedere Lake must be a big big lake. lovely reflection shots - thanks Buddy! I like the photo of Moss after finding her keys. I was listening to NPR radio while driving the other day and they were interviewing the young woman who just set the unofficial thru-hiker record for hiking the trail. she's done it more than once too. it was very interesting to listen to her exuberance while talking about her experiences. have a great weekend Genie. rest well, Buddy is almost home!!!

  4. Beautiful mountain reflections - super!

  5. His pictures have been great! Love that last shot!

  6. Oh wow, those top two photos...they really call to the fisherman in me.

  7. What beautiful views, I'd like to be hiking too!

  8. Great reflections! That looks like a wonderful place to explore and find reflections!