Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday ~ 8-21-11 ~ Self Portrait

Self Portrait from the Long Trail
When Buddy sent me this shot tonight, I about flipped. First he sent me the swinging bridge and now this shadow shot. It has to be one of my favorites of the three weeks. For those of you following his trek, you can really tell it is Buddy with his funky blue bandana on his bald head. is treated with stuff to keep the bugs away from the hikers heads and faces and it really does work.

"Nature will bear the closest inspection. She invites us to lay our eye level with her smallest leaf, and take an insect view of its plain.”
 ~Henry David Thoreau

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  1. Yep a great, well-trained guy you have! I love it! Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!


  2. That anti-bug thing is interesting -- I used to just think mosquito bites were an annoyance you had to put up with to be outdoors, but now I worry more about West Nile and stuff, so I'm always looking for something that works and isn't so sticky I can't stand it.

  3. Nice photo, excellent composition with the shadow.

  4. Awesome....and I like your black and white photos above this post also. Very dimensional, and filled with terrific line composition.

    Our son is here and I need to get breakfast started for us [he's a big breakfast eater]...but I wanted to quickly tell you about how I make guacamole for burgers and snacking with corn chips....I peel a soften avocado and mash it with a fork. I then add HOT picante sauce [the brand I use is the best I've ever tasted ---Clint's and it's made in Texas] But...any picante sauce will work. I add to a medium avocado about 1/4 cup sauce and a dash of lemon juice to keep it from browning to quickly. The spicier the better for us...but you can use any degree of 'hotness'. Oh and don't forget all the "Mexican toppers" like grated cheese, lettuce, tomato and perhaps sour cream...just like toppings for a taco. YUMMY!!! Tell me what you think ----I would love to hear your feedback on the burgers.

  5. Great photo - Buddy did well. I love shadow shots!


  6. Lovely fun shadow shot!

  7. Hah... looks like Bud and I were on a same wavelength for this post! I think shadow-shot self-portraits are so much fun, Genie!

  8. I think this may be one of my all-time favorite shadow shots evah!!! it's a two thumbs up and more.

  9. Very nice capture! No flaws and no flies;o)
    Best regards to Bud;o)