Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mosaic Monday ~ 8-14-11~ Update on Buddy’s Hike

Upper left to right and down:
1. Lamoille River Valley
2. Looking back at Mansfield, VT
3. Country Ski Mobile Hut
4. So tough living in the woods
5. Firm bed slabs
6. Dehydrated potatoes and cheese
7. “Radio” fixing his supper
8. Only 54 miles left...time to strait brushing up on my French

Bud was in rare spirits when I talked to him today....back to his old self: singing silly made-up songs, trying to pull my leg by making me think he had been going the wrong way and was going to have to start all over again. He did tell me it was thundering and lightening so he was going to stop early and stay in the shelter....thought that was a fine idea. Bud met up with some people he knew from other hikes so that has been a real plus. He is now out of range and going to have to sleep in shelters for most of the week. From all I can tell from the books, he is over the worst or the worst now.This may well be the only post for a while. My school starts in the holiday over. 

These photos are SOOC taken by Buddy with his iPhone. He really loves his play toy. Double click on the mosaic to enlarge it.
"In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”
  ~John Muir

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  1. glad he's gotten his second wind! love the comment about brushing up on his French. :)

  2. you start school already tomorrow? wow, where did the summer go anyway? we don't start here in Wisconsin until after Labor Day. state passed a law - wanting to keep families at The Dells until then, raking in the money. guess it's alright, I have no kids so makes no difference to me. my sister the librarian in Oregon has started back already too. glad Buddy's spirits are high! maybe being back at school you won't miss him so much? hope so!!! have a great week Genie. almost forgot - love the collage. the colors/tones are two thumbs up. great job. I especially like "Radio" fixing his supper...

  3. Telling you he was going the wrong way, that's the best one. Well done Buddy. :))

  4. Buddy is doing great on his hike. I am glad the shelters are there for him. I love the photos. And I have always love the Muir's quotes. I hope you have a lovely week.

  5. Buddy is amazing! And so is the photo's.

  6. How exciting! Fun to hear Buddy is doing well on his hike. I giggled at the *wrong way* comment! Have a great week!

  7. we start next wednesday...hard to believe summer has come to an end already....oh well, back to schedules, pooh! buddy's making great progress!

  8. We are getting some much needed rain in the area...I'm glad it isn't dampening his spirits!

  9. I am glad he is in high spirits...I have sure enjoyed seeing his photos. Even though I may not check every day...I do look to see what I have missed.

  10. I'm glad he's feeling like himself. Wonderful mosaic and update.

  11. Hmm I am thinking 54 miles not that bad. Go Bud!!! ^_^