Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Daily Photo ~ 8-10-11 ~ Watery Wednesday + Update on Bud’s Hike

Eloise at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia

"A garden of Love grows in a Grandmother's heart." 
~Author Unknown

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Tuesday’s Update of Bud’s Long Trail Hike
~well into his hike, Bud looks a bit weathered...

~fellow hikers with lazy feet checking out the guide maps

~view near Lincoln Gap...approx. 2,700 ft.

View of Appalachian Gap 
~the hike down to Appalachian Gap is a drop of approx. 1,500 ft of all rocks... Bud will be facing this Wednesday, but has someone carrying his pack via car. I think this is called “slacking.” You hike all the miles, but for certain places you get someone to drive your heavy pack for you and meet you at the end of the trail for that day. I say....”Good Plan! Go For It!”

109 .9 miles to go...

When I spoke to Bud a little while ago, he was staying the night in a bread and breakfast, sounded in good spirits, and was ready to forge ahead. His voice was very raspy, but he told me everything was “good” and for me not to fret and worry. That is a wee bit easier said by him than done by me. Thanks goodness for the iPhone.


  1. he does look a bit weary. i hope he will be safe and sound!

    your granddaughter is a treasure! so cute!

  2. 109 miles to go? Yikes! Something like that requires Salami Tactics. You can't eat the whole salami at once; you take it in little slices at a time. Yes, he does look a bit haggard. Me? I'd look a bit dead. Thanks for the report.

  3. I think he looks weary, too...but oh, gosh, what nice photos! I am so glad you are able to post some.

  4. Those men - they always tell us not to worry! He does look tired, but I gues that's to be expected!

  5. What a smile at the museum.

    Hey, Bud can have somebody else carry the pack. I'm still impressed.

  6. First, Eloise is adorable with a beaming smile!

    Wow, Bud! He has tackled quite a challenge and so glad that it is going well. The scenery is exquisite! Best of luck to him.

    Genie (the other one)

  7. Such a good idea to have a chance to walk light for a stretch.

  8. Wish I can go with you guys the next time. Nice photos.
    Wet Rides

  9. The mountain views are spectacular, but the smile upon her face at the waterside table,'s so contagious.

    WATER GARDEN - Fountains Do stop by for a visit if you can find time. Hope your day has been treating you well!!!

  10. He looks tired but with what you said he stayed at B&B I think he rested after that picture was taken. And that slacking thing, I like that I can ride the car and wait for the the hikers with there heavy packs hehehe. Tell Bud that we are also hiking with him in spirit, GO BUD!!!

  11. he does look a little tired, but then who wouldn't?! yeah, i'm all in on that "slacking" thing, sounds too treacherous to be carrying gear down it.
    that's a sweet picture of miss eloise!

  12. I always love your photos of Eloise! she has that look of sophistication and wonder that's beautiful. thanks for the update on Bud's hike. I love that photo of hikers with lazy feet. fantastic! have a fun day Genie. don't fret!

  13. it sounds like a tough hike, but i'm sure the views here are all worth it. your granddaughter sure is pretty.

  14. Eloise is sooo cute!

    Bud looks weary and weathered but I'm glad he called you so that you's know he's in good spirits. He's seeing such gorgeous views and I'm sure he'll have tons of great stories to tell when he gets home.

  15. Hiking can be a fine line between Fun and Work but Eloise steals the show

  16. Wow! That is a long hike! Amazing! Eloise put a smile on my face! :)

  17. He he he! Such a cuttie in the first pic;o)
    And what a wonderful place to go hiking!
    And yes! Bud looks a little weary. That's a good thing he doesn't have to carry his pack!

  18. I like the slacking part! Go, Bud, go!

  19. when I was young like this girl, we had no TV in Borneo.

    Gran dad and us kids would sit on the balcony and play our "clouds" game.