Friday, July 29, 2011

Weekend in Black and White ~ 7-29-11

Welcome Home
We just had to stop for a rest at this rock to ponder the idea of finding graffiti on top of the mountain, and yes, that it the hand grip from one of the hiking sticks poking out its head on the lower left.  Then we started wondering just where “home” really was.
Where is there not any graffiti to be found?

Now shall I walk
or shall I ride?
"Ride," Pleasure said:
"Walk," Joy replied.
~W.H. Davies

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  1. Humans seem to NEED to leave their mark to show that they were there. :)

  2. Graffiti is everywhere! This one is fascinating.

  3. Perhaps graffiti is with us to stay... everywhere! I found graffiti in an old, I mean REALLY old little church a few months back, and some of the names had date in the 1700s! In a church!

  4. Wonder who carved and for whom..a piece of history or defacement?..hard to decide...the shot looks great in B/W

  5. This one is intriguing. I see messages carved in rocks sometimes and think about the time that would go into it.

  6. Graffiti is a universal human activity! I think this welcome is neat!

  7. ONe of the National Parks that we visited recently had a special display of pioneer grafitti left in the park -- I thought it was wrong to call attention to it, because I am afraid that some tourists would think that 'if they could do it, why can't I?"

  8. Interesting texture...and yes, it seems we humans have an ancient need to leave our mark where ever we go!

  9. Lovely textures and tones Genie. I like this image.