Sunday, June 19, 2011

Daily Photo ~ Skywatch Friday ~ 6-17-11

Sky, CLouds, Rocks, Trees, and Mountains
These are just some of the things you see when you are out hiking.
Somehow I lost this post and all of its comments so I’m reposting it for my records even though the date is out of order..

This original post of this photo was linked to Skywatch Friday.


  1. did you hike all the way up. I will like to hike again when it is less cold.

    Those Chinese words, I am not sure what they were, the Chinese have this style of genealogy, the children of the same generation share a common middle name. eg my Chinese name is Clean snow, my sisters clean ice, clean jade. So if you have the same middle name, you know you belong to the same generation.

  2. Absolutely beautiful view! Love the green and grey shades.

  3. LOVE those clouds, absolutely gorgeous in contrast to the hills in the distance and the greenery and rocks in the foreground.

  4. sorry you lost the comments.

    How is your comment settings? I am gettign an email for every comment so if something happens I still have the email that tells me what was said. :)

  5. Wonderful view. It must be amazing to see it in real life.

  6. This is a beautiful view! Love all those clouds.