Saturday, March 5, 2011

Sunday Bridges ~ 3-6-11

The following series of pictures is of an old bridge my husband and I came upon last weekend while visiting Eagle Rock, VA. There used to be limestone quarries on either side of the highway, and the limestone was transported across the river via a tram system and then burned in the kilns in Eagle Rock to make lime.It is our assumption that this structure is what remains of that tram system. Enjoy a bit of our past compliments of both Bud and me.
First View of the Bridge

Closer View

Up Close and Personal View

View Looking towards James River after Scrambling through the Vines

O.K. This shot and the next one were NOT taken by me. Rather, they were taken by my husband. He walked out on the thing...I did not! He took this looking back towards the shoreline where I was shaking in my boots.

My husband was the insane photographer, and I was the hysterical wife fretting and stewing about the danger of what he was doing. I still cannot believe he went out there to take a picture. This shows you what crazy things people will do just for that perfect photo!

***HELP NEEDED:  For those of you viewing this post, I want to apologize for the blurred thumbnail on Louis’s page. I had the worst time trying to get the photo small enough for Linky to allow it to post, and you see what happened...a blurred mess without a way to remove it and try again. If any of you can tell me what I need to do to reduce the size, I would love to hear from you.

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  1. Those trees growing through the bridge are crazy! I would love to see that in person some day. It looks like it was an adventure.

  2. Haha, I don't think your husband is insane photographer. If I were there, I would do the same as he did. I guess it's due to his urge to seek the reality and the truth:)))
    I love that bridge so much. Thanks for sharing and hope that you will trust your husband so that I can see more nice photos taken by him!!!

  3. These little old rural bridges are the best.

  4. Most interesting seeing these.
    Great shot. Beautiful shot.
    Sydney - City and Suburbs

  5. Hiya Genie,
    With the square cutter, I take a small square of something eyecatching out of the main image. Reduce it to 110x110 pixels.
    Upload it to the post. That way I do the reducing rather than a quick fix by the linky editing machine. Just in case you need the actual addres rather than point to the picture, copy that from your post into notepad, to have it handy. Only the ---.jpg bit though.
    Love the bridge reportage and can identify with the hysterics:-)

  6. How quickly nature moves in when we abandon things.
    I would have been in the same state as you on the riverbank!

  7. As I was scrolling through you photos and I began to wonder if she is crazy enough to try and cross over on the bridge. I was glad to learn that you are the smart one in your marriage. This bridge is the kind of stuff I like to find and then wonder what it was used for. There's lots of forgotten things out there waiting to be discovered and photographed.

  8. The best I've seen today. Fantastic!

  9. Great adventure with this bridge. Beautiful shots!

  10. Excellent photos, such a shame that the bridge hasn't been taken better care of...

  11. Oh my God, did you think you lost him? He is crazy to do this, I can imagine how you must have felt. It is a very funny story, me and my husband had a good laugh. But the photo's are excellent I must admit.

  12. I would love to explore in that area. That is the coolest old bridge...but I am with you...I would have been a little leary walking out on it. Great pics.

  13. He's not crazy, he's 'inspired' :-)

    I love the shots!!

  14. WOW, that 4th photo with the trees and weeds growing on the bridge is stunning, what a capture! Kudos for the brave photographer too!

    On a side note, I'd like to thank you for the warm words of praise you left on my blog Roma Every Day. I am touched at the time you spent in noticing every little detail of my post. I'm like that, I shoot to capture the back story. And am rarely disappointed.
    I work with a compact camera, and will soon be investing in a Canon Rebel. Any words of advice? Which additonal lenses did you get? Are you happy with it? :)

    Ciao form sunny Roma, and again thanks-

  15. The 4th shot is amazing! Love it. Great find. I wonder what the bridge must look like, as seen from that angle, in spring and summer as well...

  16. these are some old bridges. thanks for sharing these photos, they are very interesting. I'm wondering how long it takes before those upholstered recliners sitting on that porch dry out after a rainstorm! have a great day Genie!

  17. Wow. These are neat pictures of the bridge. The photo of the front porch with all the chairs made me chuckle. I guess they must like to sit out on the porch!

  18. I love these shots of the old bridge.