Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunday Bridges ~ 3-13-11

The Bridge to Somewhere after Muptiple Days of Rain and LOTS of Water Flowing Under It

As you all have seen from past posts of our Bridge to Somewhere, the water is usually low but running along happily at a nice pace. Well, this week was a different story. It wasn’t running; it was roaring and rushing, slamming against and over rocks carrying with it all kinds of yucky debris from upstream. It is at times like this I do not even want to drive over the thing. As you can see from the following pictures, Mother Nature was not to be messed with, for she was on a mission taking with her everything she could from in her path.

At this point is where we have our “beachhead,” our favorite hang out spot. The water was eroding more and more of our “shoreline.” Where you see the log on the left is where we have dug a fire pit so in fall and winter we can go out, cook hots dogs and hamburgers, roast marshmallows with our little Eloise, and stay toasty by the warmth from the roaring fire.

It was pretty cool seeing white caps on the unusual sight.

This is not usually a ledge but rather some big rocks in the middle of the creek. Here it looks to me to be a water slide.

I saved what I think to be the best of all.....this was an amazing sight. The splashing looks like it is ice, but there was no ice or snow left at this point.

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  1. Oh dear. That is quite a dramatic change from your other photos.

  2. Great photos. Looks like a wonderful spot to just chill out but not with that rushing water.

  3. Oh yes, that is rushing water. Good that it isn't overflowing though. I love the last shot!

  4. wonderful captures of the rushing water. you must have been getting lots of rain. i hope this canal doesn't overflow.

  5. for your sake, I am glad the banks are high!

  6. Not sure I'd want to cross that bridge right now. The last shot is spectacular!

  7. I enjoy photographs of rushing water, these are great! I can see how you might not want to cross the bridge.