Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Watery Wednesday ~ 2-2-11

A Frozen Douthat Lake ~ 2-7-09 ~ Bath County, VA
Our family gathered together at Douthat State Park two years ago to celebrate my 70th birthday. The lake was frozen except for this one section running from one side to the other

Eloise and her mom on their walk around the lake. Buddy is in the far back taking pictures of his own, and a friend of ours is in the middle.

Eloise down at the dam end looking back at the lake.

Out of six grandchildren, Eloise is the only granddaughter. This shot shows that she is standing on the walkway over the dam. 

I saved my favorite of her until the last. This is another shot from our walk around the lake.

To see more beautiful water photography, visit Watery Wednesday, Get Your Eyes Wet.     Hosted by 2sweetnsaxy aka T. Bruce


  1. Eloise must be the apple of everybody's eye in your family, being the only granddaughter.:p
    lovely profile shot...and the frozen lake is beautiful.

  2. Nice photos and nice family. Happy Groundhog Day!

  3. There's ice but it looks like a lovely day. :)

  4. Beautiful photo's and a cute little lady on them.

  5. Love, love, LOVE these photos...especially of your family.

    My Watery Wednesday Link

  6. That first shot of the lake is incredible! I wonder why there was a clear channel like that? And the last photo, with Eloise looking off into the distance is a lovely shot! I sure hope both you and she have it on the wall, to be admired every day!!

  7. And congratulations on being 72!!!

  8. I ADORE this post Genie. Not only is Eloise gorgeous, she has a lovely name too! When the page loaded and I saw that first shot I heard an "oh wow" from my mouth. You live in a beautiful spot and take great photos. have a great day Genie!

  9. Beautiful photos, that first one is magical.

  10. Beautiful shots Genie. Gorgeous Granddaughter. Love them thanks for sharing. :)