Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Daily Photo ~ 1-27-11

We didn’t get much snow this go around, but that we did get was absolutely gorgeous on the branches of the trees in our front yard. This one is right outside our living room bay window and presents a lovely contrast between the white of the snow and the remaining color in the leaves. Sometimes less is more, and in this case I think the old saying rang very true. 


  1. Genie it's so beautiful. Your place reminds me a bit of my old farm where I lived just a few years ago. The house was up against a hill too, facing east, and the blackberry brambles were just about to the back door when we bought the place. It hadn't been maintained in years. And those were the biggest blackberries I've ever seen. Anyway, the snow you got puts a little sprinkle of white on everything and it makes everything so still. I love that. and it's snowing here right now. more shoveling... have a great day Genie!

  2. I like the colors on this one. I like how your house sits so close to the trees and the hill. Very pretty.