Thursday, November 4, 2010

Skywatch Friday

 View of the Sunrise 
Highland Belle Elementary School...
Highland Belle Middle School...
and now
Central Office for Rockbridge County Schools, VA

I live only a few miles from Central Office so I pick up the mail here each day on my way to work. This is the view I am so fortunate to see when I pull up to our old school. My youngest son attended elementary school here, I taught English here when it was a middle school, and now I go there each morning before making the drive to work. Looking out over Big Spring is the most beautiful sight. Can you imagine going out for recess everyday with views like this? It is that special part of life we are so fortunate to experience because we live in rural America.

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  1. You are a very fortunate person to see this sight whenever you want to. Children who are playing nearby are lucky ducks for sure. This scene is breathtaking!
    Joyce M

  2. It is indeed a special place, Genie. Gorgeous.


  3. Such a pity it isn't a school any longer. That must have such an influence on children's psyche throughout the rest of their lives.
    Or maybe they take that beauty for granted ?
    Inspiring photo Genie.

  4. What a beautiful sunrise that is. Great shot.

  5. That is such a beautiful sight to see. I love how the tree on the right has such crispness to it...even shadowed the way it is.

  6. That's a stunning view. Wonderful shot and place.

  7. It's hard to beat a lovely sky over water!

  8. Indeed this is a fortunate place to live and work... I bet that peaceful scene changes not only with the seasons but every day with different skies. Lucky you.

  9. That is absolutely a BEAUTIFUL view! I shot some sunset pics last night of the same colors!

  10. What a lovely scene - it is special that we get to see this each day!