Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Bridges ~aka~ The Bridges of Rockbridge County

This is Bridge #2 in my collection of bridges I am photographing here in Rockbridge County, Virginia, and it is another swinging bridge.  This time I MADE myself walk out on it - just a little bit - so I could really get the feel for the swaying. Trust me, I was scared to death I was going to drop my camera it was bouncing so much. Far out I did not go, but feel it going up and down and back and forth I did.  Pretty scary.  I really think I need to shoot from the bank and NOT from over the river.  We had just experienced three days of continual rain after a very long drought, so the river was making lots of noise and rushing like it was on the way to a wedding.

There is NO way to walk on this bridge and not make it sway! 

I am linking up with Sunday Bridges at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo. 


  1. Thanks a lot for your very kind comment on my blog. You are so kind:)
    Best regards from Argentina

  2. It's an exciting bridge!! I'm glad that you did venture out because the photos taken from the bridge are beautiful, esp. the first one.

  3. Oh, this is my kind of bridge... with personality: charming to look at, adventurous to walk across... I'll be there in a flash.

  4. It's looks like an intersting bridge. Great photographic shots of it, too. I cana't even imagine walking across it though. I'm a chicken. :-)

  5. That is such a neat bridge! Looks a little scary (yikes!), but unique and special. Your pictures are great!

  6. Beautiful, but pulse quickens just looking at it!


  7. More of those decorative bridges.
    I use the word with caution, as I would not be tempted to cross :-)

    Besides, you can't be too wide in the beam to even try, by the looks of it.

  8. The sign says not to run across the bridge - who do they think they are kidding! «Louis» would want to get across ASAP!

    «Louis» thanks you for your contribution to Sunday Bridges and apologizes that he wasn't able to visit yesterday.

  9. awww, i love it. the bridge actually looks like a very romantic place for me. :)