Monday, May 9, 2016

5-9-16 ~ Bubbling Springs

Buddy and I went out to Bubbling Springs last Sunday. It is one of our spots in the county to visit.. You can walk in the water, cook on the grills, and  pick the watercress to bring home for sandwiches. I have included a 22 second video showing the springs bubbling if you would like to look at it. You can see the movement of the water and the sounds that it makes. 

We passed this old barn that we have been watching for years now. Don’t know how much longer it is going to last. It is full of junk.  If it falls down, I would love to have some of the old wood.

 In this area where Bud is, the underground springs really bubble.

The water is SO cool. I remembered my creek shoes :-=)

 My feet  at 77 still have a lot of little girl left in them.

 This area is gorgeous with all the little pebbles and the bubbles.

Eating Area

Video of the Springs

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  1. Great fun.
    And yes, feet still have a log of spring left in the them :-)
    This post made me smile.
    How was your painting course?

  2. What a beautiful spot! Keep on wading and indulging those child-like feet! It's good for you -- keeps you young.

  3. What a place and love the video of the 'bubbling spring' and the two of you looking very happy in that place ~

    Happy Week to you ~ ^_^

  4. Oh I would like Bubbling Springs. Looks like my kind of place. Yes Genie, I like places other than just the desert.

  5. What a wonderful walk and nice photos. The video is also great to watch.

  6. Wow Genie, it's great to have you back! Thanks for sharing some of the sights in your area. That barn is quite the character. I hope all is well with you and please come back again.

  7. Hello, looks like a fun place to visit. Great barn shot. I would stick my feet in if the water was not cold. Great photos and video. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your week ahead!

  8. Genie, that is a great looking old barn. Looks like someone patched some of the missing barn boards with ones that still had some paint on them. Oh, to walk through a cool spring when it is warm looks to be a great delight, just watch out for alligators.

  9. Genie, I totally enjoyed that little that old the pic of you in your bibs!

  10. That barn looks like it has patchwork siding!

  11. I LOVE that shot with the pebbles and bubbles...this looks like such a beautiful place to explore :)

  12. We have a little running stream that leads into the pond. I love listening to the water. Hugs

  13. That looks like a wonderful place to go hiking or just relax. I love the photo of the pebbles underwater - beautiful.