Sunday, November 22, 2015

Cathedral Cafe and Buddy’s Crooked Road 24 Race

The Cathedral Cafe ~ Fayetteville, WV
(Taken just a weekend ago while Bud was running 
the Canary in the Cave trail race)

 Cathedral Cafe

One of Two Large Stained Glass Windows

Cathedral Cafe Sign

Way too chilly to eat outside.

Welcome Sign and Original Doors into Sanctuary

The inside is very, very cozy.

The chalkboard signs are done so creatively.

 Stained Glass from the Inside

The choir upstairs is now  a little consignment/used sales area.

The old wood and the stained glass rectangles 
of these old windows are beautiful.
Fortunately, none of the wood has been painted.
More Chalkboard Signs

  Reflections from the two windows on one of the tables.

All the tables are handprinted like these three.

Children’ Play Area

 The Book Tree

 The Book Shelf
Bud’s Crooked Road Race

Buddy just finished the Crooked Road 24 Hour Race at Rocky Mount, Va, which began Saturday at 8:00A.M. and finished today at 8:00A.M. He slept Friday night and off and on during the race in his old Vibe. It was so cold in there Friday night his Power Bars froze and the windows were covered in frost from his breath.I made him as warm a bed as I could to go with his sleeping bag.These pictures he sent home via iPhone.

During the 24 hours, runners could stop and rest whenever they needed, and there was lots of good food and drink for the 24 hours...soup, pizza, hamburgers, yummy boiled potatoes and lots more. Volunteers manned the course from start to finish.It was at Waid Park on a hybrid figure eight style track/trail. 
Bud took these views for us:

He ran a total of 100K which is 2.4 marathons...I hope I have it straight, because I do not get running distances at all. I’ve asked him so many times trying to make sure I have it correct that I think he is worn out with me :-) I just don’t get it! When he came thru the door at noon, he was hobbling and sounded terrible (sort of mumbling), so he has been sleeping off and on all afternoon. He ran farther than he did last year so is a VERY happy husband, and I’m a VERY happy wife that he was able to break his 2014 record and made it home safely.

A volunteer and another runner were kind enough 
to take these shots on his iPhone for him to have.

50K Completed
Little Sign ~ Long Run

He looks SO happy...maybe he’s just glad it’s finally over.
Done Deal! Little Sign ~ Longer Run

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Saturday, November 21, 2015

Jack ~ Before and After

Before ~ Grumpy Jack

 After Hair Cut ~ Relaxed and So Content

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Mountains, Grasses, Trees and Fences

The Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia
View from the Ingall’s Overlook on Way to West Virginia

Forest where Bud ran the Canary in the Cave Race

Fencing at the City Park in Fayetteville, West Virginia

For those of your who are curious, here are the captures in color.

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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Bud’s Canary in the Cave Race ~ 2015

Welcome to Bud’s Latest Race
Canary in the Cave
Fayetteville, West Virginia

The night before the race, Bud took me to a Cajun restaurant...YUMMY!

The other side of this sign reads FINISH.

Runner Waiting in Red

Runner Waiting in Orange

Runner and Daughter Waiting in Blue

Father and Daughter
(** If you can’t tell it already, I love to take pictures of braids.)

 All of the following shots are of little Ina. Her mother was running  in the race, and she and her daddy were waiting. I watched her before the race, and then I ran into her again when I went to lunch. She is almost two and the most precious and animated little girl you have ever seen...and very well behaved :-)

I’m ready for this race to begin. am I gonna get over this yellow thing
 to get to my mommy?
Well, I did it!

Thanks,Mommy, for the drink. 
All that running around made me thirsty.

I do not like this hat. It has to go!

Here her daddy and I were trying to get her to pick out two jelly thingies that went together. I have to admit she did pretty well at first, and then she decided it was way too hard and proceeded to put them all into the bowl.

This is the Cathedral Cafe where Ina, her daddy, and I were eating while waiting. Great food. It is an old church, and inside the light comes through all of the old stained glass windows onto the floors. Gorgeous. Did not realize the reflections until I uploaded the photo to the blog.

O.K. It Is Time For the Race
And it is is off. 5 hours to run about 17 miles...
25K plus some more trail to finish.

While looking at the runners taking off, I spied this Jeep 
with reflections on the hood  so just had to take pictures of it.

 The residents used the walking track all during the race. 
For some reason I named this lady, The Bag Lady.
While I was there she went around two times with bag in hand. Heaven only knows how many more time she walked it. She is definitely a woman on a mission.

This lady was walking the dogs while her husband ran the race.
She and I chatted for the longest time. All the people there were so cordial and nice.

This was where I waited for Buddy to come out of the woods.
The shadows in this part of the forest were absolutely gorgeous.

Here came my Buddy.
He was almost out and at end of race.

Here he is almost to the pavement with me screaming....”Faster...faster, Buddy, pick it up!!!!
Time is running out. You can do it, Bud."

 Here he is coming into the Finish Line

Buddy paid for the use of this picture of him at the finish line. If you enlarge it or look real hard, you can see me following him from behind still yelling for him to “Hurry Up!". I did not have to make the time limit so I am just puttering along... but he did and he did it. 

And here he is with me...The Finish Line
4 hours~59minutes~08 seconds
The race had a 5 hours limit.  God bless Bud...
he made it in the nick of time!
Thank you, Dan, for taking this picture of us.
I saved the best photo until last. I just love it. 
Just look at that grin on Buddy’s face and his 
“lucky sherpa hat" on his bald head.  

Our friend, the one and only Dan Leaman.
He was the “Commandant” at “The Trilogy” 3 day 
competition at Spruce Knob, West Virginia last month.
Next year I hope to be a rest station volunteer
and on the last day attempt to walk the 5 mile race. 
We shall see.

Many Pizzaa, even Gluten Free Pizza, Kettle Chips, 5 Carrot   Cakes, and Soft Drinks ~ After pigging out, we got back in the car and drove the three hours back to Lexington. Bud and I had a blast.

Now to get ready for next weekend at Rocky Mount, VA.
Crooked Road 24 Hour Race
This time I will stay at home sweet home.

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