Monday, July 11, 2016

7-11-16 ~ Barn Cooperative

Once again, it is time for Tom's Barn Collective and I am a day late...but better late than not at all :-)

I prefer the traditional wooden barns, but this is a nice metal one. 
It always looks to be in pristine condition.

 This is just a little freehand watercolor that I tried to do of a barn and some hay bales.
I have been reading about a form of painting known as "etegami" and its three rules: let your work be clumsy, it's a one shot deal , and you have no model. There are wonderful examples on the internet it you are interested. Boy, do I have a long ways to go. It is usually done on post cards.


  1. Pretty red barn with neat fence lines!
    Have a great week!

  2. I really like these functional agricultural buildings - lets hope they last.

    You could go into the burial mound in my blog on a tour - which we did - but you were not allowed to take pictures - which was shame. Remarkable experience to be inside a Stone Age building.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. I looked at images for etegami. Looks like there's not much too it (yeah, right) Ha! I imagine one needs a real fine tipped brush for the black outlines. Have fun with it Genie.

  4. This is a fine barn photo. You found a well cared for barn that must still be in use. Genie, keep painting. It isn't always about the art you produce, it is about the joy of the process of painting.

  5. I love your barns. My art is naturally clumsy.

  6. I like your etagami -- I saw on an another blog (the one by Carol and ArtMuseDog0) about etagami and had made a note to look up what it was -- now I don't have to, so thank you!! It seems like a fine idea -- kind of letting your inner child shine .... no need to worry and stew about perfection. Although, in my opinion, yours is pretty near perfect.

  7. Oh Genie, there is so much to like with this barn. I like the way the top of the barn overhangs the basement, a style that I don't see often here. As far as painting is concerned I should paint the house, keep up the good work. Thanks for the visit, I hope to see you soon.

  8. That barn is certainly in good shape. Your etagami reminds me of when I used to jump into a pile of hay from the vault.

  9. Love the red and white! They really make the barn stand out. Nice watercolor! Far better than I could do.

  10. Interesting barn and I do like your watercolor. Bravo!
    Yes I went to Catholic school all my school years. A Dominican taught all girls high school. Small, about 200 in all 4 grades. Strict but loving and we learned---for sure.