Monday, April 4, 2016

4-5-16 ~ Our Surprise Baby Squirrel, Oscar, and Me following the Road to Success

This afternoon, Jack our old and deaf schnauzer brought home Mommy a baby squirrel. Fortunately he had it by its tail. I had a devil of a time getting it away from him, but finally had it wrapped warmly in a soft towel in my arms. Then I called the Animal Rescue League and got my instructions.  No milk or water. No food. Put him in a box where it was dark and quiet. Put a heating pad 1/2 way under the box so he would wiggle over there to get warm. I am to meet the lady at 5:00 tomorrow afternoon to deliver him to safety. I had no clue you had to be trained and licensed to take in wild animals like my wee squirrel. Night before last we had 85 mph winds and lost electricity and phone service for a very long time. Buddy thinks the wind must have blown it out of its nest up in the tree. Anyway, here are some pictures I took of my baby. It is adorable and loved being held close by me. We were laughing that he though I was his mommy and wanted some food...I Think NOT! Anyway, I will be up and down all night checking on him to be sure the heating pads have not cut off. It is supposed to get down to freezing. Keep your fingers crossed for Oscar that he makes it through the night without any problems. He appears to be breathing and sleeping just fine.

 "Hi, folks...My name is Oscar, but my step-mommy does not know if I am a boy or a girl and I certainly don't! Her dog grabbed me by my short little tail and about dragged me back to the house. When step-mommy tried to get him to release my tail from his mouth, but he was very uncooperative. I think he thought I was a doggie toy. Very carefully she freed me, wrapped me up in a cozy and fluffy towel, and called for help. Jack was so worn out he just hopped into his kennel and went to sleep. Now, that's a silly dog for you. "

     "It is so hard for a little newborn squirrel to stand upon wobbly legs, but I will learn before long. It's just gonna take lots and lots of practice." 
I really do need my REAL mommy.

"Well, I'm exhausted so think I'll just throw in the rag and quit this trying to move about. It is just too much trouble. Plus...I have had a very hard day and want to go back to sleep.That devilish old Jack did not help me at all other than to bring me dangling in midair into a nice warm house."

Oh, I forgot the other happy news.....the ladies at the Rescue League informed me the litters are usually three, so if Jack brings in another one or two, not to be alarmed. Just call and they will meet me halfway and take them, too.  We live about 100 miles roundtrip from their two locations so wish us luck.

Nite Nite from Oscar and Genie

We'll let you all know how we get along tonight by adding an addendum onto the end of this post once we are awake and functioning in the morning. Never a dull moment out here in the boonies. Over the almost 40 years, we have tried and tried to rescue litter of kittens, a family of little bunnies, and stray gods and cats and have never had any luck. I surely hope this cute little Oscar is going to be a toughie and hang on until I can get him to the people that do this every day.

Here is another sketch I have been working on for my class.
As you can see...I am praying for success. I'm definitely following the sign.

Have Hope. You can do anything if you'll just put your mind to it.
Remember....The Sky's the Limit!


  1. Awww...little Oscar is so cute. I am so glad you rescued him and helped him. Have a beautiful day!

  2. What a cute sweet one, so tiny. Hope he survives.

  3. How exciting to have a baby squirrel. It sure is cute.

  4. I hope you were successful in getting Oscar to the rescue league, he looks so sweet.
    Love your sketch a very positive message for us all.
    Yvonne xx

  5. Bless his heart! I hope he did well!

  6. At least you didn't have him long enough to become real attached...squirrels are just so cute. You should look here at our Squeakers, or read through some of <a href=">my posts about Mama Squirrel</a>. I do hope your little Oscar lives...and that they let you know.

  7. oh how cute!! so glad jack rescued him! when i was a baby, or maybe even before i was born my uncle was trimming trees when he found 2 baby squirrels. he brought them home to my grandpa and grandma and they were named chip and dale. my grandpa built a great cage for them outside with tree limbs going through it. i only remember chip though...dale died when i was too young to remember...chip lived for a very long time. nobody could touch him without getting bit but my grandpa could hand feed him white jelly beans!

  8. I see you have taken up art again. And I also approved you to CED on FaceBook.
    Now I want to let you know I made changes to my memes. NF DAM is closed but I started another one on my main blog. "The Creative Playroom". Wednesdays as usual :)

    You are welcome whenever you sant :)
    Monica at NatureFootstep