Sunday, April 3, 2016

4-4-16 ~ Umbrellas and Best Friends

Years ago ...around 1970...Weezie took her four children and my two to Palm Beach to my parent's homein her big red station wagon...before seat belts. While there went to the beach every day. The children were always with us, but there were too many of them to put in this little picture. Once again I am including my dearest friend in my picture.

Here are the two old Poloroid photos I still have. They are in bad shape, but at least they give you an idea of the real scene I was thinking about.

 My daughter is on the right and Weezie's daughter on the right. 
They are now 52.
The two boys are Weezie's sons. 

...And here we are...Weezie and me in all of our youthful glory...hehehe.
I think I am 30 and Weezie 32, but that's a guess. Boy, have we changed!

I used watercolors, Copic markers, and some pen and ink. 

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  2. Hi Genie,
    beautifully, it was determined a
    glorious time.
    Greetings Sadie

  3. Beautiful picture!

  4. Looks like a great memory and you also still have the artwork. Great.

  5. A wonderful beach scene, it is a lovely memory you shared with us.

    1. I can see from the photos what a good time you were having. I think, life long friends are treasured the same as close family, you can see the happiness you shared being together.
      Yvonne xx

  6. i love this post, your artwork, your memories and your polaroids!

  7. A gorgeous beach scene, and a lovely tribute to your friends and family. Bravo.

  8. So cool to be able to scan those Polaroids, because they won't last forever otherwise. What a great vacation that must have been; you two both look so happy. You were both lucky to have such a good friend.

  9. Don't you wish you could feel that good once again!

    You are so talented...

  10. Lovely happy and colourful picture and beautiful memories shared. Thank you for joining us at Inkspirational Challenges. Come back next time! Marina