Tuesday, January 26, 2016

#28 ~ Hidden Valley

Hidden Valley Homestead where Archeological Digs Continue
The Entrance

The Old Someplace and a Fw More More Pictures of It from Different Angles

Front Steps

Here the rain is moving in.
This is the kitchen house which was built later on. The original one burned.
It is now 2 accommodations - one upstairs and un downstairs. The bottom one has a kitchen and both have living rooms and fireplaces. This is where I would want to stay. 
Not in the house. This is way more cozy and comfy. 
As we were leaving the owners returned and the wife took me through this building.
There is a covered walkway from this building to the main house,

Steps to Entrance
Vintage Door Knocker...I bet it is the original.

All the fences are wood.

Original Springhouse

The Spring House Water Supply

Here is the pipe where the water comes in.
I have to believe that they have a well and pump now, 
because this is really rusted.

Another Pipe

Rear of Spring House

II have no clue what this container if for. 
The owners of the B and B were not there when 
we were walking all around the property so I could
not ask them my wealth of questions.

Old Living Quarters 

More Old Living Quarters

 A BIG Goat

Family of Goats Plus a Few Chickens for Fresh Eggs

This has been an archeological site for years and years and is now governed by the National Forest Service. I do remember hearing that the digs have produced prehistoric remains. The home is now under private ownership and is used as a beautiful B and B where they take pristine care of their historical treasure. The wife raises the goats and there are bunches of them. The following is all I could find on the internet, but we are going to go back to talk at length to the owners so I acn update the history of the home, the property, and the area.

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Pictures taken with my iPhone 5C in late November 2015

Hidden Valley, also known as Warwickton, is a historic home located near BacovaBath County, Virginia. It was built in 1858, and is a two-story, five-bay, brick structure with a hipped roof in a Greek Revival / Late Victorian style. It has a rear ell. The front facade features a pedimented tetra-style portico with Ionic order columns, placed over the central three bays of the five-bay facade. The entranceway is styled after a design on Plate 28 in Asher Benjamin's stylebook, The Practical Carpenter (1835).[3]
It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970.[1]


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  1. Hi Genie
    Incredibly interesting pictures, I like these very old houses.
    The container is a big pot here the milk comes in, and after milking is delivered to dairies.
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  3. What a beautiful place and amazing contrast with the old living quarters! :)

  4. That nice house, a wonderful place, beautiful photos

  5. That is a nice estate to have an B&B.

  6. I've never seen the inside of a spring house before so thanks for taking those photos And I LOVE the vintage door knocker!. The old living quarters looks so tiny!

  7. glad it is being utilized - and preserved, too. the fencery is nice! :)

  8. i want to go see this! so you can just walk around the property? great photos genie!

  9. What a great looking place filled with history.

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  11. That's a fine spring house, I'd bet the container was used for milk back in the day. That's a fantastic B&B!

  12. This is really fascinating Genie!! I'd love to hear more about the archeological findings and it lovely to know that the new owners are keeping care of it and happy to have the Park Service working there. Wonderful you got a tour of part of the home. And I'll look forward to seeing more about it when you go back. That thing in the barn looks like a cream can, but I don't know why it would be hanging on that hook.

  13. The old living quarters are great!

  14. Great shots of the place, a true archaeological treasure trove.

  15. Oh, wow, I would love to visit this place. I love the spring house...just love it all really.

  16. What a lovely place with all kinds of fences and other goodies! The first photo of the entrance is a very creative shot and romantic in a way ~ very inviting!

    Happy Weekend to you ~ ^_^

  17. That's a fantastic place! Lots of history!

  18. Hello Genie, what a nice place. I am glad it is a B&B now. I would stay there. Love the goats and farm animals. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!