Sunday, November 1, 2015

A Runners’ Blue Monday

John Anderson and Dan Spearin ~ Crozet Runners

These fellows are very special running pals to Bud and me, and a lot of the time they dress up in silly outfits for their runs.
They are both wearing wigs which are hilarious. John is a veterinarian who owns the Crozet Running Store in Crozet, VA. His wife, Michelle, is also a veterinarian, but she has left the practice and is now running the store. Dan is working on his PhD in hydroponics. Both have families. This goes to show you that people can live very busy and challenging lives, but they still find time...important enjoy nature on the back trails, take care of their bodies both spiritually and physically, be kind to others no matter their ages, always sport smiles on their faces, and have wonderful fun times along the way. 

Jarmans International Marathon
Sponsored by Crozet Running

29.0 Miles. 7,610 ft elevation climb and descent 5 times. Bud is always the last one to come in, but he tries to improve his time each year. It is SO hard. These guys wait for him with a smile and a cheer until he finally crosses the finish line. This is way beyond the call of duty.Last year he felt badly for them so he quit early. He, too, thinks of others in this trail running family.I found a quote that is PERFECT for this race that they sponsor:

“You have to forget your last marathon before you try another.  Your mind can’t know what’s coming.”
~Frank Shorter, 1972 Olympic marathon gold medalist

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  1. I see it takes Superman to run. I stopped running regularly when my knees began to complain. Great shot

  2. They look like a fun group! My knees ended my running too and I miss getting out to see all the things I saw on my long runs.

  3. I love the run shirt. The trail running community is very friendly.

  4. Hi Genie,

    What a fun group you have to encourage running. Thanks for sharing.

    Please consider returning and leaving a comment for me.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

  5. No matter how busy, people are happiest when they take time out to play a bit also!

  6. That run looks like a beast! Bud may be the last one to come in, but come in he does! For that (and other things), he has earned my utmost admiration.

  7. A great way to run... keeping it fun and considerate of others. Love the blue outfits and the crazy expressions on those guys faces.