Monday, February 20, 2012

A Piece of Me ~ {in the picture} ~ 52 in 52 ~ #8

Taking selfies is really difficult. Here I am in my “cellblock” without any discipline referrals. My principal allows me to read, knit, or do hand work...even mess on my computer when I am not inundated with students. The decorations on the OLD blackboard - the only one in the building - are drawn by my little 6 year old granddaughter, Eloise. I am working on the hand stitched and stuffed Valentines I gave to people for Valentine’s Day this year. I haves the Rebel set on timer, and it is sitting in front of my at another desk.

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  1. finally! no bad kids in confinement! :)

  2. Funny, she said from her own cellblock, I mean cellblog.

  3. Genie I think this is the first photo I have seen of you taken inside. You are usually in the great outdoors. I'll be posting my "in the picture" on Friday.

  4. YOu look comfortable in your cell block. I bet sometimes you dread it when some one shows up for the day.