Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bridge at Wigwam Falls

Last week I told of our freezing hike to Wigwam Falls where I chickened out and returned to the car. Workers with the  Blue Ridge Parkway have done much work here to help restore this section of the railroad track.

Here are the steps you have to climb to get up to the old railroad tracks.

Here I am in all of the gear which did NO good! 

This is where you start walking across the bridge.

This is the section over the water coming down from the falls.

Here you have a view of the water coming down from the falls up above.

Close-up of bridge section.

This is my final shot taken looking down at the bridge just before 
I started back across it and to the warmth of the car.

This post is linked with Louis LaVache’s Sunday Bridges.


  1. the curving railroad tracks look really cool. but ice and rock and climbing in COLD?! eek!

  2. It's cold here but not THAT cold. Good for you to do while you're still young and fit enough.

  3. I luckily went for a hike and found my bridge shot BEFORE it got cold. Today it is -14C or 6F.

    In answer to your question (we are visiting each other at the same time, I see!) the pillars have niches in them were originally meant to house statues, but none were ever put in, so they stand empty.

  4. Another place to add to my long list of hikes I must take!

  5. That looks like a nice trail to walk. Pity the train rail is no longer in use, but now you have a kind of road to walk along.

  6. I'm fascinated that the retaining walls for the stone bridge foundation are made of logs!

    Looks like a great hike, maybe in warmer weather. I like those old steps, imagine the stories they could tell.

  7. Great shots of an old railway.Like it

  8. It looks like a nice hike, in Summer. Right now it looks like it might be icy, especially on those steps.

  9. «Louis» thanks you for braving the winter elements to get this fine contribution to Sunday Bridges! He wishes he could e-mail you a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate! (Though he knows you have his coffee at hand...)