Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Bridges ~ 1-16-11

Back this summer I posted a series of shots of one of my favorite old swinging bridges here in Rockbridge County, VA. At that time we had had lots of rain, the river was rushing, and the trees were full of leaves. This week I decided to do back and see what it looked like with ice on the river and this is what I found. It is so sad to see this special structure falling into such serious disrepair, because before too long it will be gone. Those of us who love it are going to have to enjoy its beauty while we can. Be sure to click HERE to see the other post so you can compare the pictures. They are really different.

Since summer, the bridge has deteriorated even more . Now it has lost a BIG board which made me a bit nervous walking out there. At least the water wasn’t loudly rushing as it was before.

This shot is in stark contrast to the summer one. Everything looks so drab and cold. You will note just how calm the water is. It does not seem to be moving at all.

The ice had begun to melt before I got there on Wednesday morning, but there was still enough for you to see to get the feeling of what it looked like. It was so pretty.

This is pretty much a duplicate of the summer shot taken at the point where the bridge begins, but the image is entirely different. You can tell it is definitely winter.

Today my package of goodies from Mr. Holy Cow Louis Va Vache arrived, and it was even better that I expected. Not only did I get MORE coffee, I also got some of his tea and another AirScape container for my coffee...this time the BIG one. These are the greatest containers I have ever had, and I do not need to tell you how good is coffee is. Give it a try - Holy Cow Coffee - and you will be a very happy coffee drinker!

Be sure to check out Louis La Vache’s San Francisco Daily Photo to see more interesting bridges from around the world and to find links to Holy Cow Coffee.


  1. What a shame. It doesn't look like it would take much to keep this old bridge in good shape with regular maintenance.

    as a coffee lover I have wondered about this Holy Cow Coffee.....

  2. It's hard to believe the bridge has run down in such a short period of time. Lets hope that repair work will be done soon. You have great photos on you blog. Keep on clicking.

  3. Hi Genie,
    I enjoy your posts so much. there's a bit of everything. That top photo of the bridge is absolutely gorgeous. I love the colors you have there. And I hope that you don't accept the demise of the bridges. the county must be responsible for maintaining them? if enough people care, and you organize, they will be saved. it only takes someone, one individual in the crowd, to stand up and speak. and organization is everything. if you love those bridges I'm sure you are not alone. there are others who feel the same way, you simply have to find them!
    I'm going to check out that coffee source. I've rediscovered coffee after years of giving it up and I could drink it all day long. Especially when I'm in the depths of Elements. :)
    The light and reflection you've captured in that bottom photo is to die for. such beauty in the dead of winter.

  4. May be you should start a petition to get them fix the bridge.

    I am the first to sign. I believe in preserving old things. I shall pot a wharf built in 1928. The local people pledged money to rebuilt it identical to the old one.

  5. it looks like a totally different bridge.

  6. Thank you for your nice comment on my blog. Your bridge looks very nice but a bit scary to walk over. I don't like to have a look through the wooden shelves and see the water under.Hope it will be repaired soon.

  7. I hope someone takes up repairing the bridge, it would be tragic to lose it.

  8. WOW, Genie! «Louis» is awed by your kind words about his coffee, tea and AirScapes! He thanks you very much!

    This fine old bridge should be restored.

    «Louis» apologizes that he wasn't able to visit your Sunday Bridges post until today.
    He appreciates your frequent contributions to the meme. ;-D