Tuesday, May 3, 2016

5-3-16 ~ Genie and Her Flash Card Art

A while ago I saw some cards on You Tube that had been turned into mixed media artwork. Well, I didn't have any playing cards, but I did have some old flash cards left over from my teaching days so decided to use So far I have done 10, and here are some of them. They are really fun to make. I am starting to post all of my artwork to my blog and only photography to this site, but I moved over all of the links of yours that I follow. I am finding I am forced to stay in the house more and more because of my back so my artwork is my happy entertainment. Not much quilting and NO knitting. I do get out with Buddy for short walks and some visits to my girlfriend with whom I eat lunch with on Mondays, but basically I am here. Fortunately, I am learning to make the best of it. How does the saying go.....I'm making lemonade out of lemons. Hopefully in  time I will be able to get out and about a wee bit more. Bud is still running his races, but I am not going with him....I really miss that. Anyway, life is good,  and I am SO happy to be up and about once again.

 Dream ~ Laugh ~ Believe

 Bluebirds, Sunshine, and Flowers

 Always Believe in You

 Follow Your Dreams
I Am Queen

 My Crazy Quilt

Walking in the Land of the Fowers
(If you look closely, I am walking down at the bottom in the midddle.)

 A Woman's Work Is Never Done ~ Just Persevere

I used a little bit of everything but the kitchen sink on these:
torn and cut paper 
Tim Holtz stenciling
Ranger texture paste
TIm Holtz distress inks
pen and ink
Mode Podge


  1. Thank you for showing the DREAM-QUEEN! P.

  2. These are all terrific, Genie. I've been paging up and down, deciding which ones I like best, but can't choose. If I had to choose, I would have the third or fourth, or maybe the second, then again.....
    They're all good, so colourful and happy and great pictures.

  3. I love all these fantastic projects. They all have fantastic interest and design, if I had to say my favourite would be the first one.

  4. How cute and adorable and how like you these cards are. I love each and every one. Great job Genie.

  5. Oh These sooo remind me of my ol' scrapbooking days Genie!! So much fun you have had...thanks for sharing them with us.