Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016 ~ The Disappearing Huffman Barn Board by Board

One of two Huffman barns on US 11 in Lexington.  The old barn was no longer being used and had fallen into disrepair, so it was sold to a man who is dismantling it board by board for resale. There is a big demand in our area for these old barn boards. These first four pictures were taken last week with my iPhone 5C.

This second barn was Green Valley Rentals for years, 
but is now a “collectibles” place and remains in the Huffman family.
I took the photo yesterday with my iPhone 5C.

I have been fascinated by the way Tom develops his pictures. I just that red he gets. It is so bright and cheery. He shared with me a recipe, and I gave it a try though mine looks nothing like his...but it is a first attempt. His are so professional looking and mine look like...well, I won’t go into that. It is a beginning :-)

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  1. Hi Genie,
    old barns, houses .... I like very much as a motive.
    Your image editing has become super.
    Nice week for you.

  2. Beautiful photos of this old barn!
    Yes, these old boards with a vintage look can be built together to new things. So my daughter has built from an old door a table that looks really great. Ulrike

  3. time goes bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! as tears go by!
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    every other blogs are deleted. that has nothing to do with any change in system only with my personal disappointing situation.... no need to tell you details, life goes on!
    Herzlich Pippa

  4. Old barn wood means big money! Sad to see one go though. Thanks for sharing this week Genie and I hope to see back soon.

  5. Hello Genie, Great barn post. I noticed there is a DIY TV show called Barn Builders, they know a lot about wood. Have you seen it? Wonderful collection of photos. Happy February, enjoy your new week!

  6. Strange as it may seem but sometimes that weathered old wood is more valuable than fresh boards. It takes years to get that rustic look to wood and is highly desirable.

  7. Sad to see the old barns disappearing!
    I have a Mac too so couldn't read your CD either.

  8. Oh, I wish it would/could have been looks to have been a big barn. The one used as a Collectibles place is a beauty.

  9. Kind of sad that so many old barns are no longer gracing the landscape. Well, at least the wood is being reused.

  10. Sad to see this marvelous old barn being dismantled, but glad the boards are being re-used

  11. I would say that barn is on its last legs!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  12. It's sad to see a barn being dismantled but even sadder to see it left to fall apart on its own.

  13. Goodness these are super iPhone shots Genie, I just can't get the hang of using my phone to take photos :) I'm curious to know why the barn boards are so sought after? Arty reasons?

  14. That was a great looking barn, but at least the wood is getting used for something else. Better than simply decaying.

  15. I guess if the entire building can't be restored, then it's a good thing that some of it gets re-purposed.