Friday, January 8, 2016

#7 ~ Remains of Miller’s Mill

“You too proceed!
make falling arts
your care,
Erect new wonders,
and the old repair.”
~Aleander Pope

Miller’s Mill 
Route 60 ~ 12 Miles West of Lexington, VA
Photographs from Rockbridge County, Vintage Trails

This is the way the mill originally looked. There are no date plaques on the property so I do not know when it was actually built. 

This is the way it looked when I first moved to the county.

Today, this is all that is left.

For close to 40 years, Buddy and I have passed this old mill going back and forth to town. The property is owned by the family of some of our friends out here on the creek. We have watched it fall into disrepair, and then finally,  what was left  was pushed to the ground for safety reasons. Now, there 
is a big pile of wood off to the side , but that magnificent old wheel still stands in all of its glory reminding of our past here in beautiful, rural Rockbridge County, VA. It broke our hearts that the family did not choose to restore it. We assume that financially it was simply out of the question. Buddy and I just hate to see these wonderful pieces of history disappear for once they are gone, they’re gone forever.

These pictures were taken with my Canon EOSDigital Rebel XSI.


  1. Gone forever except in your pictures! It is sad to see these icons disappear and someday nobody will even remember. Is there a historical museum in your county? I bet they woul love your pictures.

  2. It is sad indeed to watch the old mill crumbling away.

  3. do you want to link it to
    herzlich P.

  4. Oh, how I hate to see things like this fall to pieces. I so wish it could have been repaired.

  5. It was beautiful building. By the virtue of people sharing stories and photos of places like these, they live on.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

  6. I am glad you have pictures to show and remember what was in the past. It could be very expensive to restore the old building.

  7. It is sad when something like this happens.

  8. Hello
    I find these photographs just great.
    Greetings from Austria

  9. The 365 is quite a challenge Genie, I think you're definitely up for it, you've made an excellent start, that's the first week done and dusted :)

  10. So many just like this all across rural Va. I'd like to meet this one in person.

  11. I am amazed as to how much the woods have taken over the area from when those original photos were taken.

  12. Interesting! I like old mills.

  13. Beautiful and sad. So many.....some in this area too. My nephew is doing the 365 challenge. Tough job and I think you will do a wonderful job.