Tuesday, January 19, 2016

#19 ~ Bunnies and Nuns

This post is linked with Digital Whisper Dreamers Challenge.
The prompt this week was bunnies.

This was my sister’s nun doll from Holy Angels Academy in Saint Louis, MO. I was educated my Dominican nuns who wore white habits, but this doll still holds a very special place in my life. The detail to the habit is stunning. I am 76 and my sister would have been 88, so it is understandable that the material is in such bad shape. This is my Tuesday Treasure for Tom’s meme. Click here to go to Toms blog.



  1. Hello, I love all the cute bunnies. I was taught by Franciscan Nuns, they all wore similar habits. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your week!

  2. Hi Genie,
    your collage has become fabulous.
    Beautifully this doll, which certainly brings back memories.
    Beautiful evening.

  3. Genie is genious!
    Herzlich Pippa

  4. I feel the same about rabbits! And the way you put some of your (and my) favorites together is wonderful.

    I went to grade school taught by the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Their habits looked almost exactly like your doll's.

  5. We have one of those dolls! One of my mothers treasures.

  6. Cute rabbit collage. I think the doll is in quite good shape for its age!

  7. This is a real sweet collage page with the cute rabbits.
    The doll is wonderful I'm sure you have fond memories looking at it.

  8. What a treasure! It is amazing that you still have it and it is in this good condition.

  9. That is a remarkable doll! And I Love your bunnies, so fun!

  10. Such a cute collage! Love all the bunnies! Your doll looks incredible!

  11. Bunnies and nuns, now there's an interesting duo. LOL That doll is a treasure. Were the nuns as fierce as all the stories? :-)

  12. Dearest Genie, this is a heartwarming Post! The rabbits are cute and the nun doll is very special and very well preserved! I’ve never seen a doll like this!
    Thank you also for your nice comment on my action A New Life! I'm sorry that I needed till today to answer. There was so much interest and I'm still working, therefore I don’t have the time for blogging as often as I would want to. Your words to the dry lake were very touching! It is sad that so much is destroyed in our beautiful earth ... but we will try to heal it … piece for piece…

    Lots of hugs from Austria,


  13. Thanks Genie for sharing at Tuesday's Treasures this week. In the '50s when I was in grade school all nuns dressed like this, oh the memories. I hope that you will share more treasures from your life.

  14. Everyone loves Beatrix Potter bunnies!

  15. What a great memory to have of your Dad and your going to Disney in Fl.

    That doll is indeed a great treasure. I am thankful you shared her with us.

  16. Well that struck me as really funny Bunnies and Nuns that is ...rather a strange combination but both cute.

  17. Beautiful bunnies!
    Thanks for playing in this challenge
    I enjoyed seeing your work :)

  18. This is lovely, I have never seen a nun doll before. We lived just up the road from a convent when I was a child and this is exactly how the nuns dressed.