Saturday, December 5, 2015

Two Ducks and Some Chicken Houses

Walked and Looked
Saw Two Ducks

“Me thinks that the moment my legs begin to move, 
my thoughts begin to flow.”
~David Thoreau

This house is on my walking route, and I took the first picture about 3/4 of a mile from home on a quiet back road.

This one was taken quite a while later as I was dragging my old body home :-)  It’s about a 3 mile jaunt. I think my two fine feathered friends were tiring just looking at me huff and puff so decided to go back in and take themselves a rest. Needles-to-say, it took a while longer before I would hit the couch!

The Chicken Houses
This is a funny story....I hope you get a good giggle.
Buddy and I were about to start raising chickens for their eggs so he went down to the lady who owns this home and asked her if we could buy a few of her chickens. Her reply as best we can remember was...and this is pretty darn close...

“If I sell you all my ‘cheekins’, 
I’m not gonna have any eggs to sell.”
Needless-to-say, we bought our ‘cheekins’ elsewhere :-)

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  1. These thoughts and these wonderful pictures could also be of my loved childhood-book of Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn....
    herzlich P.

  2. I like the David Thoreau quote. That has always seemed to be the way for me. I think the landlady has a good point. Good for you on your 3 miler. Soon you will look back and think how difficult it used to be when it all of a sudden you realize it isn't no more.

  3. Nice shots and a cool story. I wish I could walk 3 miles. Or any miles.

  4. I would love to live in a farm where I can raise animals like chicken, ducks, and such.

  5. And do you have lots of eggs? I love a good plate of scrambles :)

  6. My husband and I talked about raising a few chickens for eggs, but never did. His aunt who lives down the road did though and we bought many delicious brown eggs from her.

  7. The ducks are just the most charming fowl (not), as they are looking out for visitors and when some arrive, they become standoffish and leave the visitors to their own devices. Happily, they waddle slowly so the visitor can capture them in their rude walkaway...

  8. Beautiful ducks and great shots ~ Love the post ~fun!

    Wishing you a magical weekend,
    artmusedog and carol

  9. Yes, I do get a chuckle out of that...and like the shots...

  10. They are very cute birds. You can't argue with the lady's chicken logic!

  11. Kind of like lovebirds. Looks like a scene I'd come across here.

  12. Hi Genie, I love your cute white ducks and your cheekins story. Thank you for giving me some giggles. I would love to keep some ducks and chickens if I have the place. Have a great new week!

  13. They are so cute the ducks. You have very friendly neighbours overthere!

  14. Good for you for walking three miles! And for taking your camera with you too! Walking does seem to stimulate the mind - getting it to think about something besides whatever your mind tends to dwell on at home. Funny how the ducks want to stand in the shade though, This time of year I'd expect them to enjoy the sunshine. ;)

  15. I hope you keep us posted on how your 'cheekins' are doing! Lovely post and story.

  16. ha,ha loved the story. Also great shots with the ducks. I dragged my body across some of our wonderful beaches yesterday. We spent several hours looking and listening, all the while smelling the salt from the bay. Aah, I feel so much more renewed after a afternoon of beach scrounging. I found wonderful treasures and a 1/4 of a saucer with an olde pattern on it. The ever changing tides bring us new treasures every day. Have a wonderful day and good luck with your "cheekins" when you get them.

  17. I like the Thoreau quote. Walks always make me feel energized! Especially when it comes to the leisurely and solitary ones, they also fill me with inspirations and reflections.

    We live in small city. Here, I've seen ducks in gutters and even strolling through parking lots.

    Funny story! Thanks for the laugh. :-)

  18. The ducks are pretty. I love walking especially in the forest. I always feel better after a walk.