Friday, October 23, 2015

WV Trilogy ~ 2015 ~ Part 5 ~ Final ~ Shadows & Reflections

Our  entire weekend was filled with shadows. Here are a few.

Shadows around the Yurts

Shadows up on Spruce Knob Hike

 As tradition has it...Bud always takes a shot of me resting...including another shadow.

Here’s Bud trying to get his iPhone to balance on the rock. That was a tricky thing to do. What’s the blob on his face? Is it something on the lens...or maybe just the way the light was hitting it?

 He got it, FINALLY, with a wee shadow at the back.

I was so surprised to see the reflection of the trees in the back window...and I think there is part of the front porch in shadows, too.  Packing the car is always such a pain in the old back. Here we had just begun the undertaking.

“All shadows whisper of the sun.”
~Emanuel Carnevali

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  1. It would be funny to take that picture of you on the bench and turn it sideways so as if you were standing. I think you need a new car with a swing-out rear door. My back hurts just thinking about bending over into that trunk.

  2. Nice... Except for the sinister floating orb. 😏

  3. That sounds like you had a great weekend! The scenery is lovely.

  4. So nice to see you together in the photo and the pretty surroundings.

  5. You not only got great shadows, but the fall light is wonderful in your shots.

  6. A beautiful place. I'm sure it was worth all the packing and unpacking.

  7. That was such an amazing weekend ... I just love the whole idea of it. Agree that packing is a drag, but a necessary evil. Love the portrait of the two of you.

  8. Some people call it resting, others call it planking. ... Nevertheless, I love all your shadows.