Sunday, April 27, 2014

Foot Levelers Blue Ridge Marathon 2014

This year Bud ran the Blue Ridge Marathon on Saturday. It’s called "the hardest road marathon in the country”. He ended up doing way better than when he ran in the Richmond Marathon two years ago. His time was 6:43:55. There were 34 who came in after him. Here is a selection of photos from the day celebrating his accomplishment at age  61. He is one happy runner, and I am one happy Genie. This Saturday is a Half Marathon in Bedford County, VA., and yes, he’s gonna run it. All of these shots were taken with my iPhone 5. Three weeks ago I crushed my 4 with my electric car seat. Bad, Expensive Move on my part!

 Ready to leave the motel.

FOXFIRE is Bud’s trail name.

Being in the “slow” class for marathon running, he went way, way back
 to the E corral to start.

This was one of Bud’s liquor salesmen before he retired from 
managing the ABC Store here in Lexington.

Waiting to start...this year’s shirts were the wild bright blue ones. Bud stuck to his navy and his do-rag bandana, as I like to call it.

...and he’s OFF

 At the finish line...
I couldn’t get to him for for a closer shot because of the aluminum barricade fencing.
34 were to follow him.

Heading for his medal...

These precious volunteers were waiting to present him his medal.
Just think...a medal and a cute girl to give it to you...for what more could a man ask?

And here he is just after he got it around his neck.

The sky was blue with gorgeous fluffy white clouds.
This is the area where the band was playing and the kids were playing.

There were fabulous reflections and shadows because it was such a gorgeous day.

NO...I an NOT in a short skirt :-)  Rather, white slacks and a pond blue and white top.
This is where I ate lunch...all sweets!!!!

This fencing is lovely. 

There were lots of old and new signs...and one cool T Shirt.

Bud and I are going to this after his race this coming Saturday. Yummy.

One of my former students and her husband bought the old Agnew Seed Store building.

Nice iron fencing...
Nice beer bus, too.

No back packs without a total search of them. 

Eat, Sleep Snore, Repeat!!!!
You’ve gotta love that one.

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  1. bud is AMAZING! bless his active soul! wow! loved the fencing you found and the area. sweets sound good to me, too! i like the agnew seed sign on the building. good to have you posting again!

  2. So thrilled to have you back and best congrats to Buddy AKA "Firefox" for his accomplishment. I am upgrading to iPhone 5 soon, when they give me one for upgrading. ha,ha I can see by all your photos Genie, each and every one you are also happy to be posting and taking photos. I have missed your posts and you just made my day - have a good one.

  3. What a totally incredible man your husband is for keeping this up. and love your shots...... Maybe you need one of those heavy duty protective cases for your new Iphone 5. Treat it gently and keep it in your pocket. LOL

  4. Go Bud Go!
    Go Genie Go...and keep sharing you amazing moments and photos with us!

  5. Wonderful shots and nice reflections.

  6. A yay to Bud! You have some interesting pics of the the atmosphere of the Blue Ridge marathon:)

  7. I like this nice photo shoot, great fun!

  8. Lovely skies - and looks like you had a fun day.

  9. Nice day, eh? Nah - wonderful day! Great photos to remember.

  10. Congrats to Bud -- what a guy! And thanks for sharing the race, the beautiful scenery, and your great weather (at last!). Just lovely. Enjoy the strawberry festival this weekend -- that half-marathon will be just a cinch for your marathon man won't it!!

  11. Yay Bud! Really terrific shots Genie!

  12. Yay Bud! Really terrific shots Genie!

  13. That's awesome! Congratulations to him!

  14. I commend Bob on his accomplishment in running this race. I could no more do that (bad knees) but I think it's fantastic that he did. Nice shots of different fences. I like the one with the Orange fencing and green trees. Also that place with the sweets, Yum!

  15. go Bud!! awesome blue skies. what a great day to run. unlike rain running in the past. ( :

  16. What a day! Congrats to Bud! Your new phone is getting some great shots for you.

  17. I don't know what happened to my comment, but it went missing after I left congratulations to Bud earlier this week??? Ah, well, I'm here now and I do indeed offer congrats!! Wonderful captures, beautiful skies and terrific post for the day!! Thanks as always for sharing, Genie!! Hope you both have a great weekend!!

  18. Well done Bud. Great selection of shot to see all the activity and fences.

  19. How wonderful… way to go Bud!

  20. I will admit, I've never seen the appeal of running a marathon, but you are getting some good signs from following Bud to his running!

  21. That is so cool. Congratulations to Bud on his accomplishment!
    Nice photos! It looks like quite a day...