Sunday, December 22, 2013

More Homemade Presents

Wooden Tag Banner 
The wooden tags came from an old timey Ben Franklin store in Fayetteville, WV.  The backs had seals on them saying where they were made and a bunch of other stuff so I got hot water and removed them. Then I took Christmas cupcake papers from the dollar bins at Michaels and glued them to the backs. I used green wired twine and then green wired ribbon to tie them together. I covered clothespins with Christmas paper and used them to hold the twine to the ribbon. The final thing was to take a glue gun to be sure the ties were secure on the backs and glued little holly thingies on the holes. 

Cork Garland ~ 1
Twine, bells, colored plastic beads and some wooden ones from Michaels, old corks, eye screws that go into each end of the corks, a glue gun to affix the beads and the bells so they don’t move, and ribbon for the ties on the ends. Easy Peasy!

Hope you can see the little eye screws.

Cork Garland~ 2
I made this one for my son, Gene. I used larger wooden balls/beads for it.

Little appliquéd felt and cloth ornaments...

Quilted Table Runner 
I made this for my daughter and gave it to her at Thanksgiving. She created the fun centerpiece out of colored paper, a marker, and a pineapple.

Quilted Table Runner in Blues

Tied Christmas Wreath
I used Williamsburg replica cotton prints. All the edges are pinked. The form is from a roll of some kind of Large bendable wire from Lowe’s.

A Silly Cork Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree Coasters
These are made following Tree Trivet Tutorial over at Stitching and Bacon.
It was the Christmas in July Challenge ~ July 10, 2013 post
I modified the pattern leaving out the hangers, but otherwise I tried to follow it as closely as possible. It is a wonderful tutorial.

Fronts of Quilted Christmas Tree Coasters
I have the pattern and the link to the tutorial if anyone would want it.

Backs of the Quilted Christmas Tree Coasters

Here are some extras that I am finishing up now. They need batting in the centers and a backing fabric.

All of my presents are made and I stuck to my guns...I made them all. These are just some of my favorites I shared with you all.

Merry Christmas Everyone


  1. really love the cork garlands. very cute!!!

  2. Very creative though I'm not sure of the corks

  3. Of course, I love the tag garland but I also like all the others. I used to make all my gifts.....hope to return to that again someday. You are creative. A handmade gift from you is a cherished gift. xo

  4. You have inspired me, I am going to try making my gifts next year. All your creations are really special. I love them!

  5. Cool decorations you've got there! I really like that cork garland. I might have to try that one of these years. Lord knows, I have enough corks. lol. Have a Merry Christmas!

  6. I just love it when a person takes the time to make their own decorations. I love each and every one. Have a Merry Christmas GEnie - you n yer Buddy :)

  7. Very special gifts. Handmade is best!

  8. so creative and some great ideas. I intended to make a tied Christmas wreath, but didn't quite get around to it. Yours looks so good - maybe next year.
    I hope you had a lovely Christmas. And thank you for stopping by my blog this week.

  9. These are nice and pretty and creative!! I especially love that fabric wreath. That's a scrap buster there for sure.