Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I’d Rather Be in England

I am what you call a British Wanabe...a Displaced Anglophile.  All the years I took students to England, Ireland, Scotland, and Paris, I was collecting these dear woolen ornaments. When they married and left the roost, I gave my three children all of their annual ornaments we had collected through the years. Then I created my own new Memory United Kingdom Tree. I do have a Scotsman and a shamrock though you cannot see them...and there is one from the Eiffel Tower. These ornaments are my treasures! The big paper star hangs there in the corner all year round, but I was afraid to take it down...nervous I would never get it back up there. So, the tree has one BIG star on the top!!!

The Orb and the Crown are at the top in the place of honor.

 Left Side

Right Side

More Goodies

My Dining Room
These are the table runners I was making for my Christmas presents. I kept 2. 

Another Table Runner

A YoYo banner I made for the window.

Not only do I love The United Kingdom, I LOVE RED!

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  1. Genie, what a wonderful memory tree. It's wonderful to have memorabilia from so many wonderful visits. Your runners are very pretty, and I'm sure their recipients will be delighted with them.


  2. OMG I am an Anglophile as well and LOVE your tree!!

  3. Genie, I adore your Christmas ornaments/decorations as you might have guessed. I have those felt ornaments, not as many as you but I do have the Bobbie, a Scotsman and Bulldog Palace Guard. I also have the exact same telephone box bank with the little girl on one side, and the smaller Doubledeckers :) It's lovely to meet someone who is such an Anglophile :))) Merry Christmas and A Very Happy New Year!

  4. We could start a Dreaming of England meme!

  5. I not only like your tree, the whole place is very nice as well. I have to admit that the table lamp caught my eye.

  6. Oh your tree is gorgeous and filled with your delights ~ And your table runners are so creative and lovely ~ wonderful post ~ and thanks for 'visiting' ~ carol, xxx

  7. Fabulous tree! Love the Harrods phone booth, and your yo yo banner is sweet! Merry REDnesday!

  8. Merry Rednesday Christmas Genie!
    I love the tree and the perfect topper. Your house decor reminds me of the inside of an English Cottage
    just wonderful.

  9. What a wonderful memory tree, the decorations are lovely. Your banner is pretty too! Thanks for sharing, Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  10. Such a unique, stunning tree. Not only symbols of Christmas, but symbols of you - in your soul. So enchanting and fascinating. And love those exquisite table runners too.

  11. Oh, what fun. Yo-Yo's are fun to make and so relaxing. Your swag looks wonderfully festive.

  12. Lovely post!

    And many thanks for visiting - this week I'm covering Edinburgh so do stop by again!

  13. Genie, that is one fantastic collection.

  14.   Nice English-themed tree! Delicious ornaments!

  15. What a beautiful and very original Christmas decoration ! Love your tree !

  16. I love themed trees. Yours is wonderful. I like England also, except for the food. The food is not good.

  17. What a great collection of ornaments! Know you love each one of them!

  18. What a lovely post - I am fortunate to have travelled and lived and worked in London for 3 years back when I was much younger - I quenched my thirst in the "West End" attended many Theatre productions, musicals, etc, walked in and out of Many Museums, Churches, met the Queen, toured much of Europe and funny thing is I was in a theatre in London where I first saw "Anne of Green Gables". I knew this last piece would catch your eye. The entire cast had flown over to perform for 3 months. How about that, Eh - I was so homesick after watching the performance with all that Maritime Twang, etc.
    Hey Kiddo, I love your tree n trimmings, especially the Yo-Yo curtain. lol

  19. Enjoying your decoration and ornaments. You're so creative.
    Thanks for dropping by, Genie.

  20. Genie,
    Love the theme!! Of course when I saw the red phone booth, I thought of the Blue Tardis from Dr. Who!!!
    Love that show!!


  21. Your English ornaments are so very charming! And I adore yo yo's, your garland is so much fun.

    Merry Christmas!

  22. What a great idea you had back when you started collecting these beauties. An absolutely wonderful way to decorate for Christmas. I like the big star. And I am an Anglophile too! Would love to live part of the year in England.

  23. Glad there's a wee bit of Scotland on your tree!

  24. I popped on over via Denis's blog 'An English Girl Rambles', and so glad I did !
    Your English tree ornaments made me smile, so very sweet, and lots of precious memories connected to each and every one for you.
    Off to read more, hope to visit often !