Thursday, September 19, 2013

Genie's Signs from Roanoke, VA

It has been months since I have been online, but I now have finally replaced my dead laptop and am once again up and running. I surely hope this one gives me less trouble than the last one. Have missed all of your cool and fun sign these last months. Am glad to be back among all of my picture taking friends. These pictures were taken with my iPhone while Bud and I were in Roanoke, VA, a few weeks ago. 

 Picture on Wall of Blues BBQ Company

 Music and Goodies for Sale on the Market Square

 Bud's and My Favorite Sign of the Day

 The Completely Redone Center in the Square

An Old Neon Sign Saved

The Fabulous Vintage H and C Coffee Sign
If you visit Tayna's blog, her header picture is this sign tilted. It's so cool...

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  1. Of course my favorite is the one of Frank Sinatra...mug shot!!! Congratulations on new computer mojo!!!

  2. Too much fun Genie! Makes me so happy that you were out enjoying yourselves during your absence. And happy that you took pictures to share with us.

  3. welcome back Genie,

    always nice have a look to your gentle posts ! have a nice week end

  4. I like the olde photo of Frankie Boy - very interesting post with great photos and I like the olde neon signs.

  5. i love your signs and thanks for the mention :) i wish i knew you were down this way! i see you were able to link up!

  6. nice to see that signage from tanya's blog again! :)

  7. A nice assortment of signs. I too like the beer sign. Happy computing with your new rig.

  8. You are back!!
    Sorry about the link last week - I've added it to this week's list, but I hope you will have another for us this week as well.
    the blog has been getting hit with lots of spam links by the time Thurs/Fri rolls around so I've been closing it Thursday evening or Fri am. Most people have moved on by then anyway, I find.
    Lesley E

  9. Beer and gas is expensive in Canada. That's only because the government taxes the heck out of both of them. Gotta pay for that free health care somehow... Eh. :-)

  10. I wondered where you had disappeared!
    love the beer sign ;)
    and that coffee sign is always a favourite.

  11. Welcome back and hopefully your computer will behave for a nice long time! ;-)

    Very nice series of signs. I really like the vintage 1 hour cleaning sign and clock, and I did recognize the H&C Coffee from Tanya's blog.

    Visiting from Signs, Signs,


  12. These are delightful! I wouldn't be able to pick a favorite but certainly like the beer and coffee ones.

  13. Frank Sinatra certainly looks a wild one in the first photo. And adore the creativity of the beer sign.

  14. Wow - what a great collection of signs! I especially love the old, neon sign :) I, too, was away for a long time and missed the fun here.

    Sreisaat Adventures