Monday, January 14, 2013

BAH HUMBUG on January 14th, 2013

~MacbookPro  Is Messed Up AGAIN!!!.
 ~Am having to wait for Apple to continue trying to work with me on Tuesday night
~We have spent hours on it still to no avail. 
~All pictures in iPhoto corrupted and is causing entire machine to work improperly.
~Got to head honcho in department at Apple Care, and he said he had never seen a case like this where it had happened over and over again. We spent all day yesterday.
~Going to try to partition computer. Told me to drag iPhoto library to thumb drive, but I cannot even do that. I am sososososososo sick of the gears turning and that ****beach ball going around 
and around and around endlessly.
~Yesterday it would not even let me hook up to the wireless.
~I can only sit at the big iMac for 15 minutes at a time without problems, so will try to post there as quickly as possible if I can. 

As in "Oliver"......Be Back Soon......I hope.



  1. Hope you get a brand new computer out of this... Hope you get your photos out with no problem. Very frustrating thing to happen! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  2. Yeah, Frustration City when the machines we so depend on each and every day, go BUMMER on us. Been there, felt that - have patience little Genie - it will all come together soon. I had a lot of problems with my MacbookPro too and eventually took it back and demanded another - everything is working fine since. AND FORTUNATELY, MINE WAS STILL UNDER WARRANTY. You do keep a backup of all your photos, right? Yah, I got kinda ******off with that beach ball going round and round endlessly too. Good Luck

  3. Genie I hope you get over the computer blues real soon.

  4. Hope you get it fixed somehow. So flustrating and time consuming. Sorry.....

  5. How incredibly frustrating for you! I've been a Mac fan for years and never had a problem. Yet! Hope you and the Apple Care team can figure out what's going on soon. :(

  6. That is sad to read. I know how aggravating these infernal contraptions can be. My wife keeps at me to switch to a Mac as I won't have problems anymore then. Ha! Now I know, but there's no telling her. Good luck Genie. Hope it is fixed soon for you.

  7. Welcome to the electronic hell. As mac user since 1998 i have endured this twice but lucky i had my photo,s backed up on an extern hard disk. Hope it will be fixed soon.

  8. I love my Mac, and have never had any problems with it (knock on wood!) but as paranoid as I am about losing photos...I store my photos on an external hard drive, back up to another external hard drive and even have carbonite back up my computer...I also keep my memory cards intact!!! Yep...I told you...PARANOID!!! And, quite frankly, the instructors at the center I took photography for two years always stressed "back up, back up, back least 3 times on different back up strategies!)
    I've heard it's possible to rescue memory from a bum computer so hopefully all is not lost. Good luck!!!

  9. It is quite a sinking feeling when the electronic heartland of your mind goes belly up! I am hooked on an external hard drive + Picasa web albums for my photos! If I lost those I would be inhuman! Wishing you the strength of hope!

  10. Oh boy Genie, that all sounds so frustrating. I also hope you get a new computer. You deserve it after having to put up with this, and if the Apple people have any sense they'll give you one straight away. Not good for them at all and even worse for you because you are having to put up with it.