Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Walk at the Beach

Pictures from Our Walk on and along  Betterton Beach 
Eloise is not in any of them  because she refused to come along. She wanted to stay at the house with her Aunt Mattie and make table decorations for Thanksgiving dinner.

I love the Boulevard bit. The street is just a narrow little roadway that runs parallel to the water. It doesn't go very far before you hit a dead end...not my idea of a boulevard.

One of the Piers at Betterton Beach.

Auntie Sarah and Patti 


Gene and Auntie Sarah 

All I can say is I seem to be the designated family historian and photographer. I keep thinking one of my children will assume the role, but I am still at it. I guess it's what grandmothers do. To be honest, I really do enjoy it.

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  1. i like the last one - having a conversation 'on the rocks'. :)

  2. So love this variety of water views! I too love the last photo because it has a sense of dreaming!

  3. Gorgeous beach!! I love that street sign!

  4. Great view..Looks like it might be a little chilly