Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy Has Arrived in Rockbridge County and Here on the Creek

                  I took this as I was leaving for work this morning. It had rained all night, and it was dark except for the spotlight on the roof over the front porch.

 I hadn't been at school too long when Buddy sent me 
this comparison of Irene and Sandy from the internet. 
The difference in the two storms is stunning.

 Buddy took this picture around 10:30 of the ominous sky over the mountains. 
He was on his way home from town.

I snapped this picture at 3:40...was on my way home from work, and it was pouring rain. Usually I can see the 3 airplanes which are parked here and all the mountains in the distance, but not today. 

After stopping to deliver and pick up the school mail, I noticed what looked like waves on the lake formed by Big Spring. Always it is calm as a cucumber...but not today. I couldn't believe my eyes.

A few minutes later I saw Buddy running along side the road. He is like the Ever Ready Bunny...
he runs no matter what the weather, and he keeps going and going and going. 
When I slowed down, he snapped this picture. 
We were totally socked in .

Now, it is 38 degrees outside. The winds are howling, and the tree branches are blowing back and forth and up and down. It is still raining. I just now received notification that school has already been called off for tomorrow because of the miserable conditions. The big questions now are: 
1. Will we awaken to snow everywhere
2. Will we still have power
3. Will the tree beside the bridge still be erect or will it be across our bridge.

Hope all of you bloggers from here to Maine and west are safe and still have power. The TV reports are frightening. Please be careful. I am so thankful we are only dealing with the wind gusts,
some rain, and maybe some snow. 

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  1. i'm glad you get to stay in tomorrow with no thoughts of going out. i do hope you'll keep power and stay warm and dry!

  2. I bet you were glad to get home and stay home!

  3. Be careful out there Genie. Be safe. You are sweet to keep us up-to-date as this storm hits.

  4. Yes, stay safe! BTW, VDOT has a page showing road closures:

  5. Stay safe! Thanks for the update.

  6. Be safe and keep cozy in your house. Keep us posted

  7. I'm glad that you will be able to stay home tomorrow Genie. Also hope that the power will stay on. Stay safe and dry.

  8. So glad you get to stay home, Genie!! Do be careful! I, too, hope you keep your power!! What a storm it is! Thanks for the update! Take care!

  9. i hope you and your family are safe, Genie. i've seen the images on TV, the force of nature is scary.

  10. So happy to read your update. I hope you and yours make it through the night in good shape.

  11. Hope you (and others) come through the storm OK - the pictures on the web look remarkable. The before and after shots on your post and pretty remarkable too.

    Stewart M - Australia

  12. Hi, I hope you made it thru the storm safely. I heard Western Md had a lot of snow yesterday. Blizzardlike conditions, what a crazy storm. Love the mountain shot, great photos. Have a great day!

  13. The images we see here on television are incredible, New York flooded and burning. It is like a horror movie. I keep my fingers crossed for your safety. Saw also a lot of snow in your country on television.

  14. I hope all is wee=ll there, Genie!

    We had high winds and rain but no damage here. Toronto and towns on Lakes Ontario, Erie and Huron have power outages and one death. Schools in Toronto are closed due to power outages. We are so fortunate here and feel so bad for those who were severely hit by the storm.

  15. i'm thinking about you this morning. hope you are ok...we didn't get that rain, just lots of wind last night and woke up with it snowing but it didn't stick. winds are still howling though. managed to not lose power. school is cancelled here in botetourt as well. check in when you can!

  16. Pretty climate sequence, I hope that Sandy did not cause damage. I love the delicacy of the work of Georgia O'Keefe. Greetings.

  17. Wonderful and interesting shots from your world.

  18. Hey Genie - thanks for the news about the storm down your way. Hope you are all OK, warm n safe. We are on Flood Alert here and watching water rise - do not want a bad flood like two years ago - that's some comparison that Buddy did on the internet - rather larger, this storm Sandy, eh!
    Cruise ship left - silly them - I woulda battened down the hatches and put everyone up for the night - all kinds of motels/hotels for safety. We saw the "Bounty" go down on video, I only saw this sailing ship last year when it was in St. Andrews (20 min from here) got some beautiful photos and NOW, it is at the bottom of the ocean - 2 crew missing. From Atlantic Canada to you all - Be Safe.

  19. I have followed the storm as best I can. It seem to be really severe. I looekd at the map, it seemed like you should have a rather hard time. Hope everything turns out fien and noone is hurt or suffering.

  20. I know where those three planes are. How close do you live to them?
    I actually took pics of them when we passed by trip before last.
    We're clearing out today from the storm. The snow we had yesterday all day is gone today after it switched to rain overnight and the sky actually is brighter although still overcast.