Friday, October 26, 2012

McDonalds in White Sulphur Springs, WV~ Shadow Shot Sunday

Last weekend when we went hiking at  Beartown State Park in WV, we stopped in White Sulphur Springs for coffee at Micky D's. This has to be the classiest McDonalds I have ever been in, but considering it is in the town that is home to the Greenbriar Hotel ~ Resort  and the Greenbriar Golf Classic, I guess it has to be pretty nice. The shadows coming in through all the lovely glass windows were spectacular. It was in this McDonalds that I found the "Harvest Time" sign I posted for the "Signs, Signs" meme sponsored by Lesley.

Here is some follow-up information on the Greenbriar 
I thought might interest some you war buffs.

~The Greenbriar Hotel and Resort ~ White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia
~Home of the PGA Greenbriar Classic
~Home of the Cold War Underground Bunker for Congress 
from the late 1950's until in 1992. 

Ted Gup of the Washington Post revealed its secret location in a 1992 story. The bunker had been a secret until that time and had been fully stocked with supplies for 39 years. The classified, underground facility, was named "Project Greek Island."   Immediately after the Washington Post revealed its information, the government decommissioned the bunker. It is no longer used but people can make reservations to tour it. There is still much to see there.

All of my information is courtesy of Wikipedia. There is one definitive and fabulous article about the bunker with it is way too long to include in this post. Here is the link should you wish to see and learn more:

It tells the story of the bunker in words and pictures and is a fascinatings article well worth reading. Me, I am mesmerized my the story. We had no idea that such a massive and important bunker was located so close to our home.

"Mankind must put an end to war or war will put an end to mankind."
~John F. Kennedy, September 25, 1961

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  1. it is a classy looking joint - not the usual red and yellow motif!

  2. This McDonald's seems to be more subdued. I like it! interesting mix of shadows

    I had to start anew; my Scrappy Grams blog is still available, but I can't get to the dashboard. So, now I'm Nonnie (a childhood nickname given to me by a beloved aunt).

  3. Classy looking it is and great shadow shots for the day!! You've intrigued me with the Underground Bunker, so I'm headed there to read! Hope you have a great weekend, Genie!!

  4. Wow. That first shot turns me all around!

  5. i am digging mickie d's in black and white!!!

  6. Hawaii has similar things (but not so fancy) with the advent of the bombing of Pearl harbor, there are secret bunkers in the mountains that are merely speculated about. I've hear d of the bunker but forget that you can actually stay there. I suppose that is all part of disaster planning.

  7. The McDonalds there has a style I've not seen - the square tiles and columns add that class - and it looks even more stylish in B&W!

    The Greenbriar bas that look of old money - a place I'd love to visit and stay (alas, class of this variety is probably priced for the old money set too...but dreams of a visit are okay for the less gentrified...

    How secret is a secret hideout when someone presumably with a top secret clearance casually mentions the location to a reporter? Loose lips and all that...

  8. Pillars and huge picture windows in a Macdonalds are quite "upmarket". Fascinating shadow shapes across the tables.

  9. Great shadows! Looks like a lovely place to visit!

  10. Hi Genie...wanted to follow up on your question about the frame on my header...i do that in photoshop. i haven't seen it anywhere else...hope that helps and thanks for stopping by!!!

  11. The black and white version are gorgeous Genie!

    Playful Shadows
    Have a great week ahead!