Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Shaping Up ~ Lesson 2 in Making Monochromatic Magic with Tracey Clark

Shaping Up

In my black and white class all of our prompts are centered around line. The first one was “Lining Up,” and now the second is “Shaping Up.” I like the circular shape of the stones, and I find their placement in the water makes them fun to walk on and to photograph. The shapes and the light upon them really fascinated me in color, but I think the natural light is much more striking in black and white. 

  This Post Is a Part of Lesson 2 ~ Shaping Up 
 Picture Black and White ~ Making Monochromatic Magic with Tracey Clark.
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  1. Lovely, and I am excited that I just signed up for this class also.. at the last minute, but here I am. See you there.

  2. Hi There. Did you get my email. Still haven't heard from the other one so you may be my partner.

  3. really nice photo Genie. I love the stone and the round steps. Hope those round ones are solid, or do they bounce when stepped on?

  4. Excellent photo with beautiful light and great tones in B & W. Very good compositions. Greetings.