Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Fire Is Out!

Finally, after 2 weeks, the Rich Hole Wilderness is out and we are all safe. Thousands of acres were burned, but no one was burned or killed, and no homes were lost. Buddy dove me to see the damage, but we could not go in. The fire is still being investigated so on one is allowed up the access road. There was something in the paper about the police had a man they were questioning and they were looking for another. Hints of arson were floating around. Then today, when I got to school, one of my students said someone in the area had been burning “stuff” on a no-burn day , and the fire for out of control. Maybe tomorrow when the our local weekly paper comes out I will learn more. 

All of these shots were taken from the road. As you can see all the under brush was burned, and the bases of the trees were black. The fascinating thing was the dogwood was blooming up over our heads and was untouched. Teams from all over the country were brought in to cut fire breaker paths. do back burning, and to fight the fire with water which had to be hauled in because there was no water in the area. This few was from out west. Thank goodness is it all over, there is no more forest burning, and the air is breathable again. 
Sign at Entrance to Rich Hole Wilderness Area

National Forest Wilderness Rules on the Tree

Fire Fighters Bused in to Cut Down Small Trees 

 I though thought this picture was so interesting because the 2 trees in the center looks like horse’s hooves.

The Blackened Floor of the Forest.

Water Pump at Bubbling Springs ~ Burning All Around It

I am glad we were not allowed to go in the access road because I am so afraid of fire, and the destruction we saw just from the road was very upsetting. It is going to be a real heartbreaker if it turns out the fire was intentionally set or started by accident because someone was not following the law and NOT burning.

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This post is linked with Our World Tuesday


  1. bad enough if all of that was due to someone being careless. i can't imagine the smell that must hang in the air.

  2. Great shots from the place. I am glad finally the safety has been ensured.

  3. How sad! You can only hope that the burn will have a positive impact on the environment and turn a bad thing into good. We have seen so many careless fires go out of control and destroy so much, here in AZ and back at the Dismal Swamp in Va where the burn will go on underground in the "peat" for months. Thank goodness for the dedicated fire-fighters!

  4. Pleased it is all over for now, and will be no more problems through your summer. Being spring the forest will likely start to make a strong recovery.

  5. Oh. I feel upset from here...if it was intentionally set, whoever set it needs to be put under the jail.

  6. Yeah, you are right the two middle trees do look like hooves - good eye Genie. WOW, just makes you feel sad to see the forest floor blackened - I think Mother Nature will soon bring some pretty colours back into this forest. Good Photos Genie - thanks for sharing with us.

  7. Always sad to see the after-effects of a forest fire. Glad nobody died, nor any homes lost. I sure hope that forest regenerates quickly.

  8. it's just awful that some people are careless about fire. there have been fires all over metro manila these past few weeks destroying homes and some had died.

    the blackened forest floor is a sad sight. glad to know that nobody died and no homes were lost.

  9. I am so glad that's over. It is sad to see the destruction, but so glad that you and your neighbors were safe.. It will be devastating if you find out that people caused this on purpose (or even by carelessness).

    Your pictures give me a really good idea of what you went through.

  10. I have never been anywhere near a forest fire and the mere thought is too scary to contemplate. but contemplate it we must all do if we want to remain safe...