Saturday, March 10, 2012

Snow Bird

If you look at the image in the center of the shot, it looks like a “snow bird” with its mouth open for food. I love the way the wet snow piles up on the bare branches. It was just last Sunday that we had this beautiful little snow...and a day off from school!

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  1. I lobe it when tree spirits show themselves. I've found a few in my time.

  2. Let's hope that's the last of the white stuff.

  3. Hello there Genie and thank you for the wonderful compliments on my moon shots .. the moon is one tricky image to capture .. I delete far more than I keep .. so it takes so many shots to get the one good one !
    I see your hungry snow bird with its beak open for food : )
    Wet snow is wonderful for shots of it laying on the tree branches .. and if it freezes just enough .. well .. it is amazing right ?
    Great shot girl !

  4. How pretty- I'm so wishing we had some snow right now.