Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Work Verification and My Problems with It

In the last month or so, I have found that the “word verification” words and letters have taken on a new format and are next to impossible for me to decipher. There have been many times when I have tried at least 5 times before finally giving up and moving on to the next blog. That is a shame because in these instances I really did want my comment to go through. I could handle - sometimes with difficulty - the old format with the one grouping of letters, but this new one is way out of the ballpark. It looks like the one I copied and pasted below. After 6 tries I finally got  something I could read and duplicate correctly. As far as spam goes, I have received a couple of questionable comments - nothing rude or crude -  in my “comment moderation” list, but I have simply dropped them directly into the “spam” folder. I have had no problems since starting this many months ago. By no means am I trying to get you to change what you are doing. I just wanted to share my experience with you.

This is what the new “not a robot” looks like. Similar ones used to appear every once in a while, but now it is almost always. 

Happy Hump Day......genie

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February 22, 2012 11:52 AM

I first read about not using the word verification while visiting: 

Here is her button which I have on my blog. You will find it and the HTML code under the button on Beatrice’s blog :

The following is quoted from Beatrice’s blog:

"For those of us who like to comment a lot, word verification is a pain.  Some bloggers will not even comment if they must go through the deciphering process.  And believe me, it is a process. One mistake and it's back to the box with letters harder to decipher."

Help spread the word by identifying  your blog as a "word verification free blog."  It's a courtesy to those who take time to comment on your posts. “



  1. Thank you Genie for spreading the word on this problem. I did a similar post right after this new form reared it's ugly head and several of my followers immeadiatly changed out of word verification. So your bit here will help too.

  2. I removed it from my blog when I began to encounter the new format on others.

    As you know you cannot see it on your own blog, even when you comment in your own blog.

    I will probably place a note somewhere in my format--- a good idea--word verification Free.

  3. I so agree....the new verification is way too hard to read. I wish everyone would drop it.

  4. After Blogger made the switch to "not a robot," I turned word verification off. It's just too hard to read.

  5. I'm right there with you! I'm sure glad Google decides what is best for us. I was trying to post something last night and got a message that the blogger dashboard would no longer work with Internet Explorer. I was forced to download Chrome to do it!

  6. I had the same complaint and removed word verification as well. Lately, I seem to be getting better decifering the mess they are presenting to us but . . . well, who needs the aggravation?

  7. Many people don't use it anymore, nothing creepy happens.

  8. I took it off my 3 major blogs and will take it off the others. It is a PAIN, I agree!

  9. i'm w/ ya! =)

    did you see the video where the guy who invented captcha explains why they use it?
    check it out here... i don't believe him cuz think about what he's saying & then think of the spelling of some of the captcha words & the condition of them... they're not words, nor would they have been at any period or point in time!

  10. i didn't mean to sound so hateful in that comment, i just really dislike word verif!

  11. Yep, us oldsters with bad eyesight are having a tough time! ;)

  12. Right on sister! I'm verification free, I hate that new google thing and I love everything about this post, I hope it works.

  13. yes, i completely agree and blogger automatically changed mine when they went to the new format. i didn't even know because i've never had wv set up on my blog...thank goodness texwis told me i had it on so i immediately shut it off! seriously though, i hardly ever have a problem with spammers and usually if i do it's on OLD posts, which i have set up for posts over 14 days to get approval.

  14. I applaud your choice of disabling the unnecessary layer of security.

    It is more troublesome than many realize. Especially when 'Comment Moderation' is enabled.

  15. Hi Ya Genie -
    Thanks for the information - even I have now changed that awful mess. I just didn't know how. Thanks your friend Beatrice for me. Hope you all leave me a comment, now that I have made it tons easier.
    Thankyou :)

  16. This is a pain for everyone...and I absolutely detest where they are embedded below the you, sometimes I really want to leave a comment. Specially if a person has been so kind as to leave one on my blog...

  17. Yes, you're right, my blog will not find that problem. Saludos.