Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Signs from the Dumpsters

A while back I posted pictures from our dumpster site which showed bags, furniture, recyclables, tires, and garbage all over the place. This day it was spiffy clean...the best time to get there with your delivery.
Nothing on the ground...

 No furniture, mattresses, or brush stacked up... 

 Cardboard tucked in nicely in its container

 OOPS....I missed these....someone left 3 unused toilets and an empty Aristocrat - probably vodka - box for the taking...

And here is the final shot....I could not resist having Bud sit on one of the johns so I could take his photo. NO!  Buddy did not go with the toilets, but when we came back by an hour or so later all three were gone...and Buddy was with me!

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  1. I have rarely been to a dump site immediately after a pick up. i like how the dumpsters are still in numerical order!

  2. Hi Genie. Got the hearts today. Hopefully I will mail everything out tomorrow. Loved all of yours.
    So funny about the toilets. YOu should have taken them and sold them. Wonder why they were pitched. Buddy looks pretty funny.

  3. Funny shots :0) Looks clean this dumper ;0)

  4. Great shots. Good to see the "recycle" on there.
    Had to laugh with the last shot.

  5. One of the tidiest dump areas that I've seen!

  6. Funny shots! Who would leave unused toilets I wonder?

  7. Dumpster diving seems to be the thing for coupons, not so sure about toilets. However, we have "clean up" days in my little city twice a year. We put all out junk, working or non-working curbside for pickup. A lot of it disappears before the haulers make their rounds. Junk dealers are driving the streets in pickups culling the junk.

    Once we put a 15 year old mailbox and post curb-side. The address was even changed on it. it disappeared in an hour.

  8. I've never seen such clean dumpsters! :-)

  9. That is too funny. We had the same thing during January happen. I could barely drop off our things to be donated at those sites either. Crazy how a new year will do that to you.

    PS - Bud looks thrilled! lol

  10. it's a once in a lifetime chance--to get your picture taken while seated on the toilet. LOL

    thanks, Genie!:p

  11. This is what happens when we have our neighbourhood junk day. Three times per year. The footpath is strewn and hard to get around. But all the neighbours are out sorting through each others' junk to see if it is useful. Not many toilet thrones though ...

  12. Save the Earth, its great to recycle!

    Great finds Genie!

  13. That's the cleanest/neatest dump I've seen. Bud's a good sport! ;-)

  14. Loved the Photos.
    Here in our neighbourhood, one just places something at the end of the driveway and within 10 - 12 minutes it is usually gone. That is what we do around here. I think there are just people that continually drive around our small town just to look at what might be sitting at the end of the driveway. We also have a junk pick up two times during the year. Usually spring and fall, as as some of your comments said, the "junk" is usually gone through and disappears quickly. Didn't someone once say " One person's junk is another's treasure"?
    Buddy, you are a good sport - luv the photo, however, you should have had a newspaper or good book in hand. ha,ha

  15. HAHAHA! This is too funny, what a good sport : ) I do agree that he should have had a newspaper to make it perfect!